Now That Avenue Has Closed Its Doors, Here’s Where to Shop Offline

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Fashionistas, have you heard? Avenue is officially closing its doors *lonely tear trickles down cheek*! They will be shutting down all physical locations in 33 states. Gordon Brothers and Hilco Merchant Resources are managing the going-out-of-business sales for over 200 stores. Avenue serves as one of the original destinations for trendy plus size women’s clothing. The retailer committed itself to serve quality fashions from sizes ranging from 14 to 32.

Avenue encourages its consumers to make their way in stores and take full advantage of their liquidation sales. Item markdowns are going as high as 50%

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It is always heartbreaking to say goodbye to a store that represents us. Even though the ending of our relationship with Avenue is near, do not worry because we have assembled a list of plus size stores for your wardrobe and to keep you FIERCE

Here are the plus size fashion retailers you can shop offline, that will continue to keep us in style!

Here's Where to Shop for Plus Size Fashion OFFLINE

What are your thoughts about our list? Some of these retailers have been serving LEWKS for years!  And the best thing about this list is, these brands have released their fall fashions. I personally CANNOT get enough of Fashion to Figure’s skirts and dresses. 

Now, before you get mad at us because you can’t find what you are looking for, please know that these stores and availability for certain items depends on your location. Every place’s plus size section is not equal! Just remember a few things when venturing into a store: 

  1. Do your RESEARCH! It doesn’t matter if you are shopping locally or in another state, know what items are being carried. 
  2. Take your time. For instance, one does not simply walk into a Target without a plan! Next thing you know you’re walking out with a cute new pair of jeans, body wash, and a breadmaker… why did I need a breadmaker!? *facepalm*
  3. JUST BREATHE! We know it can be overwhelming venturing into new or even old stores. You won’t know if their new line of denim fits the same or if you’ll find a love-it piece? Don’t worry! Let the items speak to you. 

You got this and we got you! Let’s get to shopping! 

What was one of your favorite pieces from Avenue? Let’s discuss in the comments below…

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