Did You Hear? Fashion To Figure Has A Subscription Service: FTF Closet!

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One of our friends here at TCF has a new service to play in: a subscription box service! Fashion to Figure has launched a new program called FTF Closet! Cool right? As various brands are dipping their toes in this service, each one has a little something different to offer.

And today, we are sharing what to expect with Fashion to Figure’s newest venture!

A plus size clothing rental program? Ohhhh, yes! We even talked a bit about it on our FB live last night, as we opened the floor to talk about subscription programs and what we love about them… Did you catch it?

Here is WHY we think FTF Closet works:

If you have been curious about a trend, have wanted to test out a few looks, or to be pushed out of your comfort zone, this is going to be the rental service for you. As Fashion to Figure shares:

“FTF Closet by Fashion To Figure is a clothing rental service that keeps you on trend 24/7 thanks to unlimited access to hundreds of styles. Get a ‘gram-ready closet for a flat monthly price!”

For those of you who have not had the chance to visit a Fashion to Figure store, this service provides a great entryway to the brand.

“In a highly dynamic retail environment, we want to be there for our customer wherever and however she experiences our brand”, according to Nick Kaplan, Fashion to Figure co-founder and Brand President.

“FTF Closet is another exciting way for us to deliver access to on-trend fashion at a great value and convenience. We know our customer is evolving, wants constant newness, and we want to be there for her every step of the way.”

So, how does FTF Closet Work?

Fashion To Figure Has A Subscription Service: FTF Closet!

The process is fairly easy! Here is how it is broken down:


Create your dream closet from all the styles you’re eyeing. New styles are added each week! You have to make sure you fill your closet with at least 8 items to start the process. We like the option to pick out what you love.


Get 3 styles at a time. Wear them for as long as you want! For those who asked about the length of time to keep the items, there it is! But girl, feeling ambitious or have a busy month planned ahead of you? You can rent and wear 9 or more styles for a flat monthly price! Wear and send it right back, to receive more items in your closet!


Ready for something new? Easily return your items in the pre-paid USPS Priority Mail shipping envelope!


Stay at the top of your fashion game with unlimited exchanges.



Gotta have it? Buy your faves and save off the retail price every time.

FTF Closet by Fashion to Figure starts off with a 3-garment plan for $54.95 a month! You can exchange as many times as you want, with free shipping both ways.

Sounds easy enough right? But Here’s How to Make the Most of FTF Closet:

FTF Closet by Fashion to Figure

Max Out Your Closet

Add at least 8 items to your virtual closet to get a box—they suggest around 20 items for the best experience.

Get Faves First 

Click “Prioritize” on your top picks and they’ll try to ship those first. I think I missed this step!

Speed Up Delivery

Click “Return Item” on each style when you’re ready to return. They’ll start prepping your next box ASAP. How is that for service?

Soooo, what do YOU think?

The FTF Closet is a great way for you to try before you buy it! If you have been curious about a style or trend, after you get it to rent, you can actually make it yours! You can keep the pieces you love and score huge savings off retail price.

For our TCF Readers, we are hooking you up with a fun discount so that you can fashion your own FTF Closet picks!

Take $10 OFF for the first month when you sign up with this link:

Are you going to give the new FTF Closet a go? Let us know what you think? We will be giving this a go and will report back soon!

In the meantime, let us know which pieces you are going to playing with first!

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Written by Team TCF

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