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Cool News! Ashley Nell Tipton Launched Her New Collection!

Cool News! Ashley Nell Tipton Launched Her New Collection!

Ashley Nell Tipton Collection

You have to recognize those who put in the work to make amazing things happen for themselves. Watching various plus size influencers, designers, and friends chase fearlessly after their dreams only inspires me to want to do more! And Ashley Nell Tipton is one of them with last week’s launch of her eponymous label, Ashley Nell Tipton!

Ashley Nell Tipton has been a busy girl since her amazing win on Project Runway! With four collections under her belt with JCPenney, a nail polish collection with Finger Paints, her own plus size jewelry line for K&M Accessories, and her collaboration on patterns with Simplicity Patterns, Ashley has been working it! But, she has not stopped there!

Today, she launches her own collection filled with the essentials that we need most! Bodysuits, skirts, biker shorts (hello chafing), and button down maxi dresses, which has long been an Ashley Nell Tipton fave!

Up through a size 30 (see, it can be done), Ashley Nell Tipton is taking us back to the basics with essentials that are sure to liven up our wardrobe. And get this… not only has she released this new collection, but Ashley will also debut her signature cat-eye frames AND 24 new pieces in her wide-fit jewelry collection!

You know what I also appreciate, is that her collection is friendly on the wallet, ranging from $24-$99!

“[the journey] from Project Runway to this collection has been a real-learning experience. I’ve had to distinguish between designing for a company (re: JCPenney) and designing for my own company. There’s been a lot of growth and I’m very confident in what I’m putting forward.” Ashley Nell Tipton

So, let’s recap… because Ashley has been busy!

Over on you can expect:

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  • Ashley Nell Tipton’s new plus size collection from sizes 14-30
  • New eyeglass frames
  • A 24-piece wide fit jewelry collection

I need a few of those bodysuits and skirts. Oh, and put me down for these cat-eye frames to add to my collection.

You can shop the collection today, at!

We see you Ashley! Congrats on your new collections, next chapter, and for bringing it!

Did you see something you need to add to your collection? Let’s chat about it in the comments! Let me know what you think!

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