7 Plus Size Fashionistas Totally Slaying Tumblr

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If you are anything like me, you continuously get your entire LIFE checking out the fatshion tag on Tumblr. From the quirky, to the classic, and to the super sexy, each and every single man and woman contributing to the tag has styles for days, are unapologetic about being fly, and luckily for us… Unashamed about sharing their fabulousness with the world.

What I love is the diversity of body types and style aesthetics you can find on the popular blogging site. If you are looking for unique and different plus size looks, are you ever in luck! Today, I will be sharing just a few of my favorite curvy girls on Tumblr. Hold on to your socks, boo… Because it’s my aim to knock them off you!

7 Plus Size Fashionistas Totally Slaying Tumblr

This is just a small sampling of my favorites in curvy style on Tumblr. Believe me, if I listed each and every single one of my faves you would be scrolling so much your hand would cramp. But that’s what I find so refreshing about the site. Each week, I find a photo of a new (or new to me) curvy style blogger that inspires me tremendously.

And it’s not only their fashion that inspires me. It’s their confidence that I find most alluring.  I often find myself wondering where these amazing women were during my teen years. On Tumblr, I not only see the woman I aspire to be, but I see the woman I am right now… and I dig what I see!

So let’s talk all about it in the comments… I cannot wait to hear from you!!

Are you a Tumblr fanatic, too? Who are some of your favorite bloggers on Tumblr?

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Written by Audrey Canady

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