PLUS SIZE NEWS: Target Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses NOW Online

Target Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses NOW Online | The Curvy Fashionista

Stop the Presses. You hear that right. Scooped from Plus Model Mag, I hurriedly jumped over to the Target Plus Size section and was happily shocked! Yes, Target Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses are now online and have happily caught my attention, and hopefully yours too. All of this comes at a … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: The Plus Size Blazer from Target

The Plus Size Blazer from Target on the Curvy Fashionista

Target. Tar-Jay. However you want to pronounce it, never fails to suck a few hundred from my pocketbook each time I enter its store… on the most random items. And, I love it. Interestingly Target is the only place I can get the gallon sized versions of the Lactaid milk, this is my jam. Anywho… … [Read more...]

Maxed Out: For the Love of the Maxi Skirt

Plus Size Maxi Skirts

Hey Loves!! This year the maxi skirt (and dress) has taken on new meaning in the fashion circles.  I'm so thankful for this!  I absolutely adore a maxi skirt. Last week, we just featured our Five Faves in Maxi Dresses (did you add your link of yourself in a maxi dress yet?), since we love … [Read more...]

OOTD: Peplum Chic Layers in New Jersey w/ ASOS Curve

Outfit Of the Day The Curvy Fashionista

A few weeks ago, I headed out to New Jersey to host an event with Becca Etc. Wanting and trying to be layered for warmth and fashion, I played around with a few pieces I scooped up at ASOS! I love my basics, but love them even more when I can rock them with like five different things in my closet. … [Read more...]

First Look: The Target and Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection

Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection

Earlier this summer, Target announced its MAY-JOR collaboration with Neiman Marcus for the holiday season! Yesterday, items from the collection were released, and this one is worth taking a peek at! Featuring 24 of America’s admired and aspirational CFDA designers, the 50 piece collection gives … [Read more...]

Target Launches Labworks and it Includes Plus Sizes

Screen Captures4

Very rarely does Target include plus sizes into its fashion capsules, but this time they did… and I am happy about this! I hinted a few times about my moving, so naturally, while perusing the site for storage options, I stumbled across the Labworks Collection at Target!  And its chic. AND it comes … [Read more...]

An OOTD and Let me Introduce you to My New Hair

Meet My New Hair

A few weeks back I took to Twitter and Facebook asking, What in the HELL was wrong with my hair.  I recently went to a photo shoot and the lady straightened it.  I never thought too much of this until I went back to wash it to restore its curl… And the worst possible thing happened. My hair would … [Read more...]

Target Introduces The Shops at Target… and it Includes Plus Sizes!

Target Shops Collaboration: The Webster Boutique

Pause for a second… right? You heard me!  I am really geeked out right now, because in less than a month, Target’s latest endeavor to “make great design accessible to all through innovative retail partnerships,”  will go live with its new design program: The Shops at Target. What I think and … [Read more...]