What I Consider Before I Make a Purchase

Ahh shopping. Whether you are window shopping or actually shopping, there is always some excitement to be had! AND I love being the enabler… ha ha ha

You know this feeling and these thoughts: Should I buy it? How will it fit? Do I need this?

All sound questions, but for me, I am quite discerning when I do make a purchase and I wanted to share with you what or how I make my decisions!


  • Well, I hate having a closet full of items I will never wear
  • I hate only being able to wear it once.
  • I laugh at myself with my ambitions of a trend that I KNOW I could not make work.
  • I loathe a disorganized closet.  (See here)

So here are a few things I think about or ask myself BEFORE I press “Complete Shopping”

How many ways can I wear this?

If I can wear more than a few times and create a completely different mood/look? Then its mines

Do I need this?

A serious question! LOL…

How many of X do I already have?

I like to take inventory of my wardrobe. If I have five similar black sheath dresses, do I NEED a new one?

 Can I walk away from this?

Like if I was told I couldn’t have it or if it sold out, would I die fot it? This here lets me know how much I really need this.

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Would I buy if it were full price and I had the funds?

Serious question here. JUST because its on sale does not mean you have to have it!

What’s the return policy?

I HATE returning things, even more if I have to mail it in. So, if it the process is not EASY- chances are I will not buy from there.

 Am I dreaming about it?

If I am ever on the fence, I leave the store or shopping cart. If the next day I am still dreaming about it, then its mines.


Even when I was working in retail and was working on commission, I would ask my clients these questions and send them on their way if they were on the fence and hold it for them.  We all have our own little guidelines and personal set of rules when shopping. YES, we do!

These rules save my closet from severe uselessness!

I want to know, what are your rules for shopping? Have you used any of these?

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  1. I am trying to do a better job at asking myself these questions – especially “How many of X do I already have?” Purple is my favorite color and, I’m telling you, I always have to stop myself before buying a purple piece of apparel (/aliteration) because I know that I’ve probably already got another purple version in my closet. (In fact, I just debuted a new purple wrap dress to work this week . . . I didn’t consider the fact that I’m going to be wearing a very similar dress at my co-worker’s wedding this weekend. Whoops!)
    I also do think it’s important to ask yourself “Can I walk away from this?” I am still kicking myself over this suit by IGIGI. I hemmed and hawed for months and by the time I decided to make a go for it, it was sold out in my size. BOO!!!
    Great post!

    1. YES! I hate those stores that require an authorization code in order to return an item. I must truly love an item if I am buying from a retailer with that poilcy.

  2. My favorite one is the “am I dreaming about it?” tip…that is my number one thing I look for, because a lot of things seem amazing on first sight. If I dream about, then acquire something, then I know I’ll love it. I’ll also add “am I still in love with it when I try it on again another day.” Trust, it works!

  3. I attend a formal or semi formal event at least once a year, sometimes more. I am always on the lookout for a sale so I am not scrambling to put a look together. I look at after holiday sale for this.
    I like to keep certain baisc like easy flow dresses in the summer and casual slacks in the winter. These items are things I always look for on sale.
    Things I use multiples of I buy in bulk, like black tights for the winter. I keep trendy/faddish things to a minimum.

  4. i go through hunting periods where i’m looking for my unicorn…ie denim jacket or extra wide calf cowboy boots.Totally a shopaholic, i just moved and had to get a second bedroom as a closet. I find the walking away thing very helpful. Impulse or trend buying 96% regret, i’ve also found thinking of things in hours of work vs dollars gives me perspective…Would i really work 10 hours for that dress i have 3 others like? prob not bc i do like my free time…Working on my willpower *sigh*

  5. In Canada, it’s a federal law that a customer is allowed 30 days to return/exchange. All the business’s policies and whatnot are just distractions. In a court of law, they would not stand. 8D

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