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Fashion's Night Out 2011

Fashion's Night Out 2011

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I am so geeked about Fashion’s Night Out! If you haven’t caught up, I am one of five FNO Los Angeles’s Bloggers! This means that you will be able to catch up with me and my happenings throughout Los Angeles!  GEEKED!


As we prep for Fashion’s biggest shopping party, Fashion’s Night Out for the plus size woman has quite a few events nationwide that you MUST take note of!


You are not left out of the festivities! After scouring some of the top resources, sites, and boutiques, I have rounded up which boutiques, retailer, and special events that are happening on Fashion’s Night Out, JUST for the Plus Size woman!

“Cupcakes, Curves, and Cleavage” by Viva La Femme

CUPCAKES, CURVES, AND CLEAVAGE is Chicago’s destination for the plus size women for FNO at Vive la Femme. View lingerie from Isabella Fine Lingerie and sign up with Red Hot Annie from Bodacious Burlesque for her upcoming range of classes created specifically for plus size women.

Fashion Night Out Plus at Beautyfull Boutique

BeautyFull Boutique in Alexandria, VA fashions the high end fashions from FFFWeek™’s Curvysta, the highly popular Pop Up Plus with accessories by Ear Candy Accessories and NickyB’s Accessories.

Lane Bryant, Big Sexy, and Plus Model Magazine

Lane Bryant starts the party as the leading full figured clothing retailer at FNO by hosting a special event kicking off the “Technology Just Got Sexy™” marketing campaign! Lane Bryant will debut the new line of slimming denim jeans and debuting its classic fit trousers featuring exclusive T3 Tighter Tummy Technology ™. Joining the fun are the ladies from TLC’s new hit reality TV show “Big Sexy!” You will also have the chance to score a $500 Lane Bryant gift card and photo shoot with Plus Model Magazine!

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Lord & Taylor and Madison Plus

At the Lord and TaylorFlagship Store on 5th Avenue, Madison Plus and Lord and Taylor host an intimate party for a night of stylish fun. On the 6th floor, Madison Plus and Lord and Taylor host a night of entertainment, fashion, fun, shopping and style!

Lotis Clothing and Re/Dress NYC

Re/Dress NYC will celebrate FNO with a trunk show by Canadian label Lotis Clothing! The first 50 people also get a gift bag! Re/Dress will also hold a letter writing and video campaign to bring attention to the lack of attention paid to sizes 14 and up. Everyone who participates in this campaign will receive some fabulous shopping incentives!

The Avenue

Starting at 6pm visit The Avenue’s flagship location at 711 Third Avenue in New York for a fun, fashion filled night out! More details to come!


If none of these events are happening close to you and you still want to figure out what to do on September 8th, head on over to Fashion’s Night Out and search for the official happenings by your city!


In the meantime….

Make sure you check back to see if there are additions to the list! If you are a plus size retailer (online or off) please contact me and I will add you to the list!

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  1. I’m not geeked at all by any of this, sad to say. Most of those designers/labels/stores that are participating in this are willing to design for fat women, but only if you’re just a certain size fat. Once you hit a certain size, you’re just out of luck and can’t shop there – and that’s usually anything over a 3X.
    As for Lane Bryant and their “slimming jeans” and their new Tighter Tummy Technology, if I wanted to make my stomach look smaller, I’d wear a girdle, thank you very much. I happen to love my body just the way it is and I don’t need any slimming jeans or Tighter Tummy Technology to make me look good in my clothes. They’re not selling clothes that make me look good, they’re selling body shaming, and I’m not buying it, or  their “slimming jeans” or their pants with the TTT.

    1. Hi Vesta! 

      Thank you so much for stopping through and sharing! WHere are you located? Because I know that the Avenue goes to a 5x as well as Re/Dress NYC… the boutiques usually carry a wider range or can have it special ordered for you! 

      As far as the jeans- I personally never took or take garments like these as body shaming… but I do see your point. I have a pair of these jeans and I like them because they hit higher on me… but it is a personal preference. 

      I would love to see who and what is available for you in your area! 

      1. I’m in Minnesota (2 hours west of the Twin Cities), and so far, the only place I’ve been able to shop in an actual store is Catherine’s. The rest of the time, I have to shop online, and even there, the pickings are slim unless I want solid color tops (I can’t wear blouses that button, they aren’t made for someone with a rack of doom, the shoulders are too wide, and the sleeves are too tight, among other problems). I wear a 5X in tops and a 3X in pants (and don’t do dresses at all, ever).  Woven fabrics just aren’t an option for me, so I usually end up going with cotton/spandex blends for my tops (mostly tees and tunics in prints and solids).
        Believe me, I’ve looked for places to buy clothes, but when your measurements are 62-54-62 and you’re 5′ 8″, you’re pretty much out of luck for finding anything to fit in an actual store.

  2. I hear Linea Pelle is doing a FNO in New York with Henri Bendel.  They have the most beautiful belts that fit plus size girls, while still being the most fashionable belts I have seen for a girl of any size.  I can’t wait, FNO in New York is so exciting!

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