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Our 10 Plus Size Approved Picks from Zappos Holiday Gift Guide

Our 10 Plus Size Approved Picks from Zappos Holiday Gift Guide

Zappos Holiday Gift Guides

Raise your hand if you get anxiety right after Black Friday hits. There are so many deals out there, yet so many questions in my head. What do I get that person who seems to have everything? What do I get that person who never seems to like anything?

This is why holiday shopping guides exist. They are honestly needed and we are so thankful for them. If I could hug Zappos, I would. Zappos gained popularity by being one of the online shopping pioneers of the “free shipping both ways” concept.

The company recently released a 2017 holiday shopping guide full of a dope array of trinkets to get your festive shopping list started! So, I peeped the products and came up with a list of my favorites — so, picture the TCF-version of Oprah’s favorite things list! 😉

Our Picks From the Zappos 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Well, that’s my list! Wow, it was difficult to narrow down because there are so many goodies to choose from! What do you think of my list? Do you have a favorite amongst my favorites?

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Personally, they are all so specific and simple! That purse is amazing and would make your all-black outfit that comes out when you don’t know what else to wear or don’t care to dress up. The beanie is perfect for winter chic-ness, so you’re still looking good with your friends on a night out. Who doesn’t need a good pair of black booties for everyday wear? They are amazing and worth the grab for the holidays among us.

Shop the Zappos Holiday Gift Guides Now at

Check out the list and let us know what other goodies you find! Oh and stay tuned we’ve got more last-minute ideas and gift guides for you! Comment your faves and let us know what you’re looking for this holiday season!

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