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You Oughta Know: Mexican Plus Size Label Generose

You Oughta Know: Mexican Plus Size Label Generose

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means… It’s time for a brand, spanking new edition of You Oughta Know to share. Of course, it’s really an opportunity to take a virtual vacay around the globe as well as get our ever-lovin’ lives over some fly plus size fashion. It’s the best of both worlds, when you stop and  think about it.

Our travels take us south of the border this week. That’s right… We’re going to Mexico! The state of Quintana Roo, to be exact. And once there, we will have the opportunity to learn a bit about a plus size label that is on its way to being your favorite, Generose!

You Oughta Know: Mexican Plus Size Label Generose

The designer behind Generose, Melina Alarconi, is a strong factor behind it’s success. She prides herself on being a passionate and driven designer, who also loves what she does tremendously. Because of this passion, it should come as no surprise that Generose as already caught the attention of many, many plus size fashionistas of considerable note.

You Oughta Know: Mexican Plus Size Label Generose

From a high octave runway show at this year’s Full Figured Fashion Week, to of course partnering with us for the 2017 TCFStyle Expo as a community sponsor,  Melina has been working double time to spread the word about Generose and the brand’s daringly decadent designs.

You Oughta Know: Mexican Plus Size Label Generose

She wants the world the know that her passion for plus size fashion is apparent with each and every single garment in the line. This is probably because she knows firsthand what it’s like to be a curvy fashionista herself! And Generose aims to connect with women just like her, and just like all of us.

The Generose customer is one who is confident, stylish, proud of her curves, and wears what she loves despite what the masses say.

You Oughta Know: Mexican Plus Size Label Generose

Belleza en Medida Generosa. Beauty of generous measure. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and women all over deserve to dress in clothing that makes them feel their most beautiful. And this access should not be determined by the size on the garments, right? Right!

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You Oughta Know: Mexican Plus Size Label Generose

This Fall, shop the ENTIRE Generose line at!

After checking out Generose’s runway show at Full Figured Fashion Week, as well as stalkin… I mean perusing their Facebook and Instagram, I have to admit that I’m high key excited to check out the Generose website once it launches. The fashions I have seen thus far looks well crafted, upscale and definitely outside the ordinary. The brand is dedicated to creating well-designed and contemporary fashions,  created with high-quality fabrics, for plus size women sized 14 to 32. And this is why I believe you ought to know Generose!

If you were in the building for the 2017 TCFStyle Expo last month, perhaps you had the opportunity to meet Melina in person, as well as check out Generose for yourself. If you did, we really really REALLY want to read all about your experience. Our thirsts are pleading for tea, and only you can pour it out.

Tell us about it in the comments!!

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  • It’s great that here in Mexico everytime there’s more and more offer to us plus size women. I feel so proud of having a brand this good being 100% Mexican. 💜💜💜 So exited to see all the collection

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