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You Oughta Know: Carmakoma

Plus Size Designers

You Oughta Know: Danish Plus Size Brand, Carmakoma

Have you been scouring the net for chic, contemporary plus size fashion with luxurious designs? Say hello to Carmakoma, a brand you oughta know!

Fasten your seatbelts, curvy fashionistas and fashionistos… We’re going on another virtual trip with an all new edition of You Oughta Know. I hope your TCFStyle passports are ready, because we are going European, baby!That’s right! Today, we set our sights to Denmark, to get to know plus size brand Carmakoma!

While Carmakoma is no stranger to The Curvy Fashionista, we believe that it’s high time we make with the formal introductions so that once we’re officially acquainted, we can be well on our way to being fast friends! What do you say?

You Oughta Know: Danish Plus Size Brand, Carmakoma

Carmakoma prides itself on being a feminine plus size brand that serves up attitude, modernism and functionalism in a major way. They offer luxury with a distinct artistic edge to tried and true classic shapes. They accomplish this by creating nothing but the best – from their clean lines to their bold details, their fashion is an intoxicating blend of rocker glam that still has a feminine sweet side to accompany the edge.

You Oughta Know: Danish Plus Size Brand, Carmakoma

Since establishing itself in 2008, Carmakoma has earned their position as an international success, possessing fans and admirers from curvy women across the globe, especially in the American and British markets. This is because they never fail to offer unique and daring fashion, which the chic and curvy crowd flock to wholeheartedly. And when it comes to the woman behind these fashions, it’s no surprise at all!

You Oughta Know: Danish Plus Size Brand, Carmakoma

Heidie Lykke, the Creative Director of Carmakoma, is a firm and zealous believer in diversity in fashion. It is because of this believe, the brand have offered up innovative designs, immensely inspired by the world’s most famous fashion runways, designed for and created with the curvy woman in mind. No prejudice, no rules, and absolutely no limitations.

I wish to encourage women to choose the kind of life they really want to live, and not be dictated by a size label in the neck – Creative Director, Heidie Lykke.

You Oughta Know: Carmakoma


And the secret to Carmakoma’s great success and popularity?

The fact that they keep their fingers on the pulse of what plus size women truly want in their fashion. They do this by utilizing social media and by respectfully listening to their customers. By knowing and understanding who the many Carmakoma women out there are, they can best determine how to style them so that they feel chic, fierce and of course… fabulous!

My team and I, have a direct contact and interaction with curved fashionistas from all over the world. It’s really valuable to know that we make a difference and we have a part in changing the fashion world – not just with trends, but I see curvy women suddenly want to dress with attitude in my styles – Heidie Lykke

You Oughta Know: Carmakoma


Shop the entire brand at!

Look, representations matters tremendously. And the first step to this is acknowledgement. Not many businesses take the time to get to know the people they want to shell out hard-earned money with them. Which is why so many designers burn out before fully reaching their potential.

Carmakoma is a brand that truly sees the women they design items for. Not who they believe we should be, who we are and they style us accordingly. Am I the only one that feels incredibly… special about this? Because of this warm and fuzzy feeling, I firmly believe you oughta know Carmakoma.

Are you a major fan of Carmakoma? Tell us all about the brand in the comments, we cannot wait to hear from you!

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