Celebrating Plus Size Beauty for Valentines with The Adipositivity Project

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If you have not heard of the Adipositivity Project, plus size beauties I invite you to take a look at one photographer who artfully highlights the beauty in the curves! What a better time (Valentine’ Day) to share with you the site that professes a profound love for one’s body and the beauty in plus size frames!

Knowing Miss Substantia Jones had her Valentine’s Series kicking off, I asked her to share her inspiration and share some photos of her latest collection! Please read on as she shares her perspective of art, beauty, and the plus size woman.

Substantia Jones On The Adipositivity Project

The idea came during our first year, from the beau of one of our models.  He suggested I add photos of women with their partners. A celebration of fat love.  I think the little bugger just wanted to drop trou for the camera.  I was instantly enamored of the idea, and thought I’d run it during the lusty month of May (cue Camelot).  Then someone suggested what should have been obvious. Valentine’s Day.

I knew a single day wouldn’t do it, figured a week was about right.  Turns out two weeks could barely contain all the plump PDA.  Now, from the beginning of February through the 14th, the Adipositivity Project hosts the Daily Valentine Special, each day featuring a different image of a fat women with her significant other.  And that model’s beau who conjured up the idea? Became the first male Adiposer.
Valentines Day with Adipositivity
I had a tough time last year finding enough willing couples of color, queer couples, non-cisgendered participants, and fat men.  That got a bit easier this year, and my hope is that next year it’ll be easier still.

To those who complain about the stresses and assumptions a traditional Valentine’s Day puts on people, I say bah.  Love and human connections are vital to living a happy life, and setting aside one day each year to salute romantic love (or allow others to) is perfectly fine with me.  Don’t allow a simple calendar notation to kick your ass!  One shouldn’t be afraid to co-opt the holiday, make it conform to your own definition of it, rather than feeling pressured to fit your status into some mold created by Hallmark.

Personally, I’m old school.  Chocolates, flowers, trashy lingerie choked by maribou.  And a handmade card can melt my heart.  Hell, even a wildly inappropriate piece of schlock from the greeting card rack at the 7-11 check-out will get the job done. – Substantia Jones

I am enamored with Substantia and her mission, project, and talent! If you wish to learn more about Adipositivity, the project, or the woman behind the lens, please visit Adipositivity now!

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