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Julia Busato Photography Is Channeling Peak Body Positivity With Her Mannequin Series

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Plus Size Art: Julia Busato Photography and Her Inspiring Mannequin Series

“Seeing beauty in all things” Meet Julia Busato and learn all about the awesomely beautiful (AND body positive) Mannequin Series.

It has been a minute since we have done a plus size art feature and spotlight. After seeing a recent photo in a series, we knew we had to bring this plus size art feature back, with a vengeance.

What prompted us so? Well, this Mannequin Series that we stumbled upon! See, mannequins have a purpose: to display clothes. To be a human-formed hanger. But, what they are not, are human. Mannequins are literally a block of mold. Humans; however, are molded into a myriad of shapes and sizes… a range that standard mannequins can’t even begin to touch. Seriously… So while they are often the smallest measure society uses to base oftentimes, unattainable standards to, what happens if you don’t fit the mold?

This is where this amazing Mannequin Series comes in.

Meet Julia Busato, the fierce photographer behind Julia Busato Photography. Last year, Julia Busato Photography launched her Mannequin Series, a photo art series “showcasing women who don’t want to fit the mold.” Thankfully, mannequins have become more inclusive, featuring plus-size versions. But even then, it still only showcases a narrow view of what “plus-size” is.

Let’s face it, mannequins only feature a narrow view of what “being human” is.

Julia Busato Photography’s Mannequin Series


The moment you land on the Julia Busato Photography website, the words, “seeing beauty in all things” are displayed across the top header. And Busato isn’t lying! Her portfolio features a range of subjects from nature, to tackling definitions of traditional masculinity and femininity, to the maternal theme and so on.


The Mannequin Series, in particular, is a brilliant effort! The art subjects: who consist of a Black woman, a few heavily-tattooed women, another woman of color, and a plus-size woman sticking up her middle finger and letting folks know who are uncomfortable with the image of her body… exactly where they can go. The contrast of the bland and pale mannequin mold is striking, against the hues and shapely forms of the subjects.


It’s beautiful!

Shouts to badass known as Julia Busato! Make sure you head on over to the Julia Busato Photography Facebook page and hit the like button! There are over 80 shots of beautiful bodies that we did NOT include here, but that you MUST see! Head to her website and share her work with your friends!

You can see the rest of her work at!

What do you think about the Mannequin series? I’d love to read what you think about the concept as well as the execution. Drop some thoughts in the comments!

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