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Tall and Plus Size: 16 Places to Shop and more!

No sooner did I post about where to shop if you are Petite Plus Size, did I hear the outcry and plea of those who are vertically blessed and plus sized! So hastily I ran to the nets to check, check, and double check the resources I have for YOU the tall and plus size fashionistas!

So I have created a nice little roundup and guide for you who require 32, 34, or 36 inch inseams! Some stores have custom options, like eShakti, so that you can custom tailor the look to your needs! Gotta love technology!

Now, there are additional options, but I chose some of the best with fashion, form, AND function! So enough of me hyping you up, lets delve right into it! Are you ready? Let’s Go:

Tall and Plus Size: 16 Places to Shop

  • Ashley Stewart: Various denim in TALL for 5’8″ and above with career pants in a 35.5″ inseam and denim in a 36″ inseam.
  • Avenue: has a variety of bottoms fashioned in tall options in wear to work bottoms and plus size jeans.
  • Chico’s:   I have never had the pleasure of rocking items from Chico’s but from what I see, this is a great option for classic fits in up to a size 20/22 and with a 35 inch inseam.
  • Eloquii:  there are great deals to be had here in both trousers and jeans. With an inseam up to 35” and up to a size 24, you can find fashion and fit here at Evans.
  • eShakti: A site that is built on custom options up to a size 36 and with customizable hemlines, what you desire is your wish. Easy, fast shipping, and options to create what works for you, is what eShakti is about.
  • Evans: Evans offers fashion and classical options here! Now that they deliver into the US, you can rock UK fashion in the US. Available up to an inseam of 33 inches for up to size 30!
  • Fat Phrocks: Plus sized from conception, they are an online boutique dedicated to bringing you the latest trends, catering for the woman 5ft 8” and above.
  • Land’s End: Chinos, trousers, and denim for work and play you can custom choose your inseam at up to a size 26 with select styles up to a 36 inch inseam! Bold colors and hues for spring, definitely a place to check out for playful options to add to your wardrobe!
  • Lane Bryant: Whether you are looking for wear to work options or great jeans, Lane Bryant delivers fashionable options in both trendy and classic styles up to 35.5” inseams. Available in select styles and colors in various sizes, you will be able to find something for your needs!
  • Long Tall Sally: Kind of like the Mecca of Tall fashion and with up to a 38 inch inseam! Impressive. Currently up to a size 20 in select styles, there are tons of options from dresses to trousers- it is a great place to start!
  • New York and Co: Dresses, pants, skirts and more, New York & Co carries a  variety of plus size and tall options in their mainline collections.
  • NYDJ:  At up to an 18 Tall inseam with plus sizes coming soon in tall, NYDJ is one of my favorites that even I have to rock 3-4 heels with my jeans and I am 5’8”! On trend, fashion forward, and a great fit? Cannot get any better than this!
  • Old Navy: Looking for jeans, dresses, pants, and tops that cater to your longer limbs? Old Navy does have a few options that go up through a size 20 or XXL.
  • Full Beauty: Housing Roaman’s, Jessica London, Woman Within, Avenue, and countless others, One Stop Plus offers over 170 options in jackets, blazers, dresses, and bottoms up to a 6x for those with a 34 inch inseam!
  • PZI Jeans: I have a few of these jeans and love them. In an inseam of up to 38 inches and up to a size 18, PZI prides itself on a great fit and premium style.
  • Rachel Pally White Label: One of our favorites, Rachel Pally is know for their amazing knits and impressively long raw hemlines. Perfect for those who need the length or need to tailor the length!
  • Simply Be: Probably one of the best selections in various styles, Simply Be offers a Tall selection in jackets, dresses, pants, and denim in 34 inch inseams at up to a US size 28!
  • Talbots: Depending on the style look you are going for, especially in classic, essentials, and key items, Talbots offers pants up to a 35 inch inseam. Make sure you check the size charts as women and plus differ in length and fit!
  • The Gap: Available up to a size 20T in selected style, The Gap carries a 37 inch inseam in various cuts, colors and styles at great price points and in classic styles.
  • Torrid: At fashionable options up to a 36 inch inseam, you can rock out with your denim and trousers at sizes up to a 28! Fashion, form, and function!

These are only the few of the places that I have for you that cater to your tall and plus size fashion needs! As the plus size fashion industry changes we will add more tall and plus size fashion options and places to shop!

Tall Fashion Bloggers

Looking for a few blogger who specialize in tall fashion (not always plus size, but they offer great options  for inspiration and insight!

So what did you think of this roundup? Do you think we gave you some good options of places to shop and people to follow who are also tall and plus size?  

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Did I forget a favorite place that you love to shop, leave a comment in the comments below!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. Marina Rinaldi’s dress pant inseams are unhemmed; her jeans usually run 35-36 inches. Likewise, Rachel Pally’s White Label runs long, long, long. I always have to shorten her dresses.

  2. I love this post and as someone who is 5’10” I am always on the lookout for brands that work well for my height! I would also add Rachel Pally to the mix as her dresses are definitely long enough for the tall girls! I also love Manfattan’s style blog and she is over 6ft tall. I have had great luck with the Gap and Torrid for longer lengths as well as Long Tall Sally.

  3. This thanksgiving season, Curvy Fashionista YOU are one of the people I am most grateful for! Thank you for doing the legwork to find these awesome fashions!

  4. What about dresses for tall plus size women. I find it almost impossible to find a dress that I don’t feel like I need to have leggings on underneath.

  5. Wow this is great. I appreciate this. However,I’m 5″1, as in petite plus size woman and I would like to see more models that showcase the shorter plus size women. This would include more petite fashions. I Hope we see Curvy petite plus size clothes in time.

  6. Did anyone mention New York & Company? They’ve always gone up to XL and 18 tall in stores. But now they have XXL and 20. Not to mention online also offers talls in suit jackets, tops, dresses, and skirts!!

  7. Also check out Lots of good basics and nice jeans. Some clothes to size 22/24 and inseams up to 38″.

  8. I know that this was from some time ago. But I am looking for dresses with long torsos and not just added skirt length. As a 22/24 size I’ve about given up on dresses as also being very busy and 5’9″ Tall, the torso is where my height and therefore length is. Any suggestions?

  9. THANK YOU!! I am 6 ft tall and plus size(even skinny I was a size 16!) and it is sooo hard for me because I’m mostly hips and legs!! My whole life I have struggled to not have high water pants, and still have issues shopping at The Avenue bc some stuff is still too short. Shopping is a horrible experience for me bc of this and can take hours just to find 2 outfits! Now if more people would take my body type in consideration for scrubs, picking an outfit for the day and shopping might not make me want to cry on a daily basis! Again, THANK YOU!!!!!

  10. Anyplace where the leggings are under 10 dollars for a simple black pair of cotton ones that are Tall 3x and up? I’m not paying 20 dollars for a piece of cotton.

  11. It is hard to find a plus size clothing. Thanks for sharing this blog…
    PLUS SIZE BOUTIQUE. Here was sell cute trendy affordable clothes! We have a great staff on hand to be more than happy to help you!

  12. THANK YOU!!! I am so appreciative of this compilation. I go to rainbow stores. These are not the pieces for an important client meeting…etc…but great for hanging out. They have great bottoms, not so great w/ tops. Anyway thanks again.

  13. Rainbow. $7.99 a per, $7 if you buy two or more. I am 6″ tall and am an 18/20. I currently get all my leggings there. I will be selling women’s big and tall clothing soon, so I’ll be wearing my own.

  14. Happy for all the info. But can we have places to shop that the average woman can afford? Rachel Pally has some really nice clothes, but a lot of us can’t drop $70 on A shirt $250 on A dress.

  15. Longer arms go with long inseams! I would love to find a source for tall plus shirts. (Not all of us are ample busted, either. It is hard to find a 42 B bra.)

  16. I see a lot of places for inseams, but the part that I have the worst time with is tops. I’m 6’0 and omg all the sleeves and the torsos are always SO short! Even high rise pants, half the time, still only barely cover my belly button. It’s frustrating being a plus-size Amazon!

  17. Hi, my problem is not inseam, I can buy pants in plenty of places. I have trouble with shirts. All my height(5’10”) is in my waist. Please help me find tall shirts and jackets.

  18. Thank you for all this valuable information.I wear size 24 tall and find myself constantly shopping at the same three stores because I can never find anything anywhere else it’s long enough and I suppose a little bit because there were amused to shopping but I’m hoping to really break out of that rut and I’m sure all your great suggestions will help with that.

  19. This was great and I’m blessed to have found this post! I’m 5’10 and a size 22/24 I just need a few staple pieces to pull my wardrobe together. Most shirts and dresses work fine in normal plus size fashion but the bottoms are where I struggle. I’ve pinned a few of the websites and plan to buy when there are sales but hey… as women we need to know we have to some times pay a few extra dollars on a few pieces to look fabulous. We’ve all paid a lil extra for those perfect shoes or designer purse so why not a few staple trousers? I say thank god for this post and your research!

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