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15 Summer Must-Haves For The Big & Tall Man

15 Summer Must-Haves For The Big & Tall Man

Hey boos! Shopping for fuller figures is hard regardless of whether you’re looking for men’s, women’s or gender neutral clothing. Did you know that only 10% of online retailers have plus sizes available? Bananas, I know. Shopping for women is generally much easier than shopping for men. But no worries! We’ve got some fresh picks for the big & tall man this summer.

I have to admit, there have been more than a few new brands, collections, and designers out there giving the Big & Tall Man something fresh to rock this summer… so we thought to share a few of our favorite finds!

Check out these picks and start adding to your virtual shopping carts!

15 Summer Must-Haves For The Big & Tall Man

Come on fellas and show us some of that thigh meat! Ha! No but really, it’s hot outside and because of that, rocking some shorts is pretty necessary. Whether you’re into short shorts or classic long length, these finds have got you covered, literally.

Similarly to the shorts, you have your more casual options or fun and playful picks. I’m really into bright colors and tropical prints this summer, so I’ve made sure to include a few of those for sure.

I’m still scouring the internet for the perfect plus size #romphim (does it really need to be called something different for men? I don’t think so, but I digress) but unfortunately only ASOS Men’s Plus Size has been the only place to offer something somewhat in the realm of a big and tall romper. Runner up? The MVP Collections Onesie we saw on the runway for FFFWeek!

So that will just have to wait until the next roundup. 

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What trends are you into this summer?

Will you be rocking any tropical prints or bold colors?

Also, where are your go to shopping sources for big & tall sizes? Let me know in the comments!

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