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First Look: Boardroom Sophistication with Shavonne Dorsey Designs

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You have to love options. Plus size options from designers who give us a little bit of everything, to dress our many moods, events, and occasions. For our fellow Curvy Fashionistas who like and crave a little sophistication and polish, today we take a peek into the design world of a woman who is no stranger to the fashion scene, designer Shavonne Dorsey of Shavonne Dorsey Designs.

Selected as the first Plus Size Designer In Residence with the Chicago Fashion Incubator Program at Macy’s on State Street in 2011, Shavonne Dorsey’s business has expanded with clientele all over the world!

Designing powerfully feminine, sophisticated clothing for women with curvaceous, full figured bodies, Shavonne’s designs compliment the many features of our curvy body type.

She is a designer who embodies and understands how to dress up the curves without covering it up! I mean, I am not scared…

 “My approach in designing for a full-figure woman is to provide her with garments that create illusions that her body may not posses; such as an hour glass appearance, elongating the legs, or even lengthening a short torso through my designs.

My approach is geared towards creating the experience of sophisticated beauty in a Shavonne Dorsey dress.”-Shavonne Dorsey

Shavonne releases her newest collection of smooth lines, draped sexiness and playful patterns, you will truly understand how this designer knows what it means to “Make deals in the day and break hearts in the night.”

Take a look at the latest collection from Shavonne Dorsey Designs

The Plus Size Grey Leopard Joie Dress at Shavonne Dorsey

The Grey Leopard Joie Dress at

The Plus Size Black/Red Bree Dress available at Shavonne Dorsey

The Black/Red Bree Dress available at


The Pink/ Black Bree Plus Size Dress available at Shavonne Dorsey

The Pink/ Black Bree Dress available at

The Mina Plus Size Dress in Black available at Shavonne Dorsey

The Mina in Black available at


The Bella Green Dress available at Shavonne Dorsey

The Bella Green Dress available at

The Bella Black Dress available at Shavonne Dorsey

The Bella Black Dress available at

The Mina Coral Dress available at Shavonne Dorsey

The Mina Coral available at

I think it’s pretty safe to say that nothing suits a woman’s curves like a great fitting sheath dress. Hands down it’s the perfect power dress for every women.

I see it as the one item in your closet that elevates both your style and confidence.

And I think designer Shavonne Dorsey shares my love for this closet essential made for every woman. Shavonne Dorsey’s line carries beautifully created, unique dresses that wonderfully complement the curvaceous woman sizes 14-24. Ranging in prices $189 to $210.

Shop the entire collection at

If you are going to be at the TCFStyle Expo, you will be able to see and shop the collection! Get your tickets at!

What do you think? Which look is your favorite?  I love the my leopard print!

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Written by Team TCF

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  1. Are these people frickin’ allergic to sewing up some sleeves?? Can we get some designers to go back to design school to brush up on that class, because (1) have they been in today’s office buildings?? Average temp 60 degrees. And (2) some folks just don’t rock bare arms. ME, for instance. I’m forever seeing cute shells that would look cute under blazers, but some just don’t work under a jacket or sweater. What’s up???

    • I here you and I am curious with the pendulum, how it swings, that there will be a balance, because for the longest, we could NOT get a sleeveless option… But as I look at my closet, I see that there are indeed options… and I will make sure to fashion a post with fun sleeves? Would this help and be a good idea? I want to help 🙂

    • Hey there! I remember those days! I remember everything was long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves (which I despise, actually). Then suddenly cap sleeves were all the rage, and I was bewildered. We finally got some cute plus size clothes, not just circus tents, and then they made us wear cap sleeves?? I rarely wore sleeveless even when I was a size 12!

      Anyhow, between the sleeveless and the strapless crap – and advertising these things in the WINTER – I have nothing to buy. So I still occasionally look matronly. Not cute.

      Also, honest to goodness short sleeves, which come halfway down your bicep, not 1/4 sleeved short sleeves that I’m constantly pulling out of my armpits.

      I’m ranting, but I finally broke reading your post after many years of watching this trend.

      I’d love to see a post on sleeved clothes! Kimono sleeves are also a favorite, but I’m weird about butterfly sleeves. LOL

      Thanks for your help! I love your blog. 😊❤️

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