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Plus Size Wear to Work NEWS! Welcome Back Eloquii Suiting!

Plus Size Wear to Work NEWS! Welcome Back Eloquii Suiting!

Eloquii Suiting

Remember when Eloquii used to rock out in suiting? I do! One of the few places that carried tried and true options to play in is back! After hearing our cry, demand, and frustration, Eloquii has dropped its suiting online- VIA FACEBOOK! That is right, you heard me, there is really exciting Plus Size Wear to Work NEWS! Welcome back Eloquii Suiting!

I honestly believe that no matter where you are in life, have AT LEAST one suit will be an amazing catch all for life’s situations. Whether or not you are dressing for the job you want, having a suit automatically gives you three loves in one! Wearing the jacket or pant/skirt alone and then worn together! BUT, have you noticed that in plus size fashion, there is a gaping hole in plus size suiting? Well, not anymore!

To get to the bottom of this, I asked Eloquii Creative Director, Jodi Arnold a few questions about the return of the suiting! Keep reading to see, shop and share the news as we welcome back Eloquii Suiting!

Here we go!

On the relaunch of suiting:

We actually did want to launch with Eloquii suiting but we were not happy with the quality and fit of the initial samples. There aren’t that many factories willing to do this kind of constructed jacket at a great price point. We didn’t want to launch with something sub-par, knowing that this is such an important category for our customer and felt it was worth the wait to produce the best styles.

Plus Size Wear to Work NEWS! Welcome Back Eloquii Suiting!

On what to expect from the suiting collection:

We have been working for about a year now to really perfect the fabrication, the details and the fit and have found a factory who specializes in suiting for larger brand names to produce the suits. We are starting with a sleek and longer two button jacket and matching modern straight leg pant. There is also a pencil skirt with some wonderful seaming to give it a twist. Every couple of months we will add different types of more classic jackets, based off of our now perfected pattern.  In the pipeline is a shorter, one button version of the jacket as well as some softer, less structured versions that are still polished and great for the office!


Plus Size Wear to Work NEWS! Welcome Back Eloquii Suiting!

On the lack of options in the industry:

Getting a suit jacket and pant to fit and be balanced can be a difficult thing to do – maybe that is why other brands shy away from it.  Even if you get the fit right, there are a lot of details like notch and pocket placement, where the waist hits, how the sleeve hangs, etc. that make all the difference in this looking like a modern, sleek suit.

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Plus Size Wear to Work NEWS! Welcome Back Eloquii Suiting!On what is to come for the fall:

Eloquii suiting has colors like blue jay (a brighter blue) and a wild berry (a wine color), coming a bit later. We will encourage our customers to still pair all of the colors in our Kady fit ankle pant back to the classic navy and black jackets, if she is looking to brighten up her look.

Plus Size Wear to Work NEWS! Welcome Back Eloquii Suiting!

You can shop the range via!

How exciting is this? I know that I am quite happy for all of YOU who had been pleading for plus size suiting and the options for wear to work! Well, tadah! We have a few more options to play in!

How excited are you? Let’s talk about it!

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