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Trending Now! Looking for Your Third Piece? You Need a Spring Blazer!

Trending Now! Looking for Your Third Piece? You Need a Spring Blazer!

Girl… So as spring collections start to drop, new trends start to emerge, and the weather does its own thing, one thing that has stood out to us is the presence of spring blazers! Vogue has even tapped Blazers as one of the top trends for spring! “Tom Ford summed it up best at his New York show, when he sent out a barrage of blazers worn with everything from gowns to maillots.”

The beauty of a great blazer? They can be worn with everything. Denim, dresses, skirts, and coordinating pants for a power look, the blazer is one item that can pull your look together! If you need a different option to your plus size bomber jacket, denim jacket, or cardigan, you’d be hyped to see the variety of on trend and on time plus size options that we have at our fingertips!

You know what I mean about on-time trends… years ago, we’d only get a trend a season later, a year later, but now? The plus size designers, buyers, and retailers are taking note and I am here for this! Even I have already started to add Blazers to my closet. I know, right?

So, what I have done is rounded up more than a few fly options to get your spring closet ready… So no matter if you are looking for a double breasted, single buttoned, or tuxedo option, we have more than a few fly finds that you’ll want to add to your spring wardrobe… you ready?

Here are 24 Plus Size Blazer Options for Spring!

No matter your style, if you are looking to channel your inner Curvy Boss, then there are a few options to play in, right? Thanks to these brands and designers, we have more than a few places to snag our Spring Blazer!

Now there are so many more brands and designers who offer a classic black or navy option, but I wanted to share and show the ones we found that have something with a bit more interest, wow, and excitement… No matter your budget, there are more than a few options to play in… right?

How do you wear and rock your blazers? For work? Play? A more polished look? To add depth and interest to your outfit? It is amazing how one blazer can completely transform your look, but I am so curious:

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Which ones speak the loudest to you?

Which blazers inspire you to play with what you already have?

Leave your comments below and let us know which ones have piqued your interest!

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