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MAJOR PLUS SIZE NEWS! Beth Ditto Announces Her Plus Size Clothing Line

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The last time that Beth Ditto did a clothing collaboration, the Internet went bananas. Honey, she is back with the eponymous Beth Ditto Collection, a special announcement, and I am here to share all details with you! OBVIOUSLY, I am already excited about this news, but even more so as she is kicking off the celebration and announcement with a special collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier!

Yes. HIM. Jean Paul Gaultier.

How is she celebrating and collaborating with him for this announcement? Ohhh, by featuring a new twist on his iconic bullet bra corset!

MAJOR PLUS SIZE NEWS! Beth Ditto Announces Her Plus Size Clothing Line

Miss Ditto reached out to her longtime friend (it’s very nice to have dope friends), Jean Paul Gaultier, to create a limited edition T-shirt, JUST for the announcement of her clothing line. This shirt features a “front and back print of Gaultier’s iconic bullet bra corset on an oversize dress-length T-shirt, with three-dimensional adjustable corset laces on the back.”

Why Jean Paul Gaultier? Well, do you remember when she rocked the runway in his wares or her wedding dress that he fashioned for her? It is because of this that she knew that the Beth Ditto ♥ Jean Paul Gaultier was a natural fit!

“Jean Paul is the most generous, positive person, he truly loves women of all sizes and ages and knows how to make everyone feel gorgeous. I love that this shirt is funny and chic at the same time, like all the best people!” Beth Ditto

MAJOR PLUS SIZE NEWS! Beth Ditto Announces Her Plus Size Clothing Line

ANNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD creation will be available up to a size US 30!

Please Note!!!!!

The Jean Paul Gaultier Collab is JUST for the Tee! To celebrate the announcement of her clothing line!!!!

But I know that you want more info on this collection, Right?

But back to the Beth Ditto Plus Size Collection!

“This line is by us, for us, period. It’s my lifelong dream to get to design real clothes for big people, clothes that are comfortable and cool!”

Miss Ditto’s collection launches this February and will feature “current styling with a vintage flair” including bold prints and sharp, tailored pieces! Think sumptuous silks, attention to detail with embroidery, and much more!

But you can cop the limited edition tee NOW, at!

As I know more and get more information, trust me that I will share this with you! But in the meantime, make sure you snag the tee and sign up to get first deets!

EXCITING right??

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. I’m so excited. I love her so much !!! And I need the shirt!!! If her clothes is anything like she wears I will be buying!!! And going to a 30 is a plus. Go girl!!!

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