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Plus Size Lingerie Line Dares to Bare with Latest Release. Enter, Bawdy Love Clothing

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Ok readers…before we even get into this awesomeness, let me warn you, this post is NSFW, so make sure you’re not in front of your boss when you scroll down, OK?


Enter, Bawdy Love Clothing

Let’s talk about plus size lingerie – in a yesteryear land, the market for the plus woman who wanted to feel sexy was pretty bleak. Luckily today many of our favorite plus size shops carry sweet nothings and lacy and racy bits.

But what happens when we move from just sexy to kinky?

Enter Bawdy Love Clothing.

Described as a “sexy lingerie that fits every body” the Seattle based startup creates custom pieces that cater to the kink community, no matter the size or gender of the wearer.

Racy plus size lingerie
Photo courtesy of Bawdy Love Clothing

“Plus-sized people have been waiting for this type of clothing for far too long. We wanted to create something for people who have been traditionally left out of the sexy, kinky clothing market – Candace Frank, Co-Founder of Bawdy Love Clothing

The brand recently launched their 2019 “Starlets” collection, inspired by trailblazing entertainers of the present and past.

Bodysuits and harnesses named after African American entertainer and activist Josephine Baker and Puerto Rican Actress (and West Side Story alum) Rita Moreno come in a variety of colors and since each piece is custom-made, it literally fits every body.

2019 Starlets Collection
Photo courtesy of Bawdy Love Clothing

“We named the collection after trailblazers and innovators. We know the lives and stories of these women were much more interesting and complex than old Hollywood and the media would have us believe.” – Gwynedh Van Allan, Co-Founder of Bawdy Love Clothing.

The collection features high quality fabrics and construction for those who are in need of “durable and comfortable kinkwear for plus sized people of all proportions.”

plus size lingerie: Bawdy Love, 2019 Starlets Collection
Photo courtesy of Bawdy Love Clothing
plus size lingerie: Bawdy Love, 2019 Starlets Collection
Photo courtesy of Bawdy Love Clothing

The lookbook for the collection (along with the Bawdy Love Instagram page) truly does live up to the “every body” promise, with a variety of shapes, colors and sizes that you just don’t see in many mainstream advertisements and lookbooks. 

Shop the collection at

I applaud this line for it’s boldness, uniqueness, beauty and quality – what do you guys think of Bawdy Love’s latest release?

Let me know in the comments!

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Written by Jess Sims

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In addition to contributing at TCF, I blog over at A Neutral Life.

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