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First Look: One Love Collection by Youtheary Khmer

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We are really excited to start the week with an awesome first look at another plus size designer. See, it has been a minute since we have seen some fancy newness from plus size designer, Youtheary Khmer and we am so happy she is back! If you love and are looking for classic and effortless looks… This is the line that you’re going to want to pay attention to. But, because we’ve RAVED about Youtheary Khmer several times here at The Curvy Fashionista, you should NOT be surprised by our excitement. But if you’ve missed the 411, let’s refresh your memory.

YOUTHEARY KHMER (yut-terri-come-air) is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based fashion designer, Theary Sim. Her style journey began as a plus model and taking inspiration from what she learned in front of and behind the camera! When Theary began developing custom garments for clients that wanted something more creative outside of the retail market, she knew what the next step in her style trajectory would be. Launching Youtheary Khmer, Theary found her home, learning that behind the seams was exactly where she wanted to be. And with the high demand for contemporary plus size fashion, she knew that she had to be a part of that movement. And like any good happy ending, her A-Ha moment turned into a very stylish opportunity for us! Which… let’s face it… makes it a VERY happy ending!

“I get some much joy seeing a woman wear one of my designs. I put my heart and soul into creating more than just a pretty dress, but being a part of making someone feel beautiful. Their pain, struggle and sacrifice, is my pain, struggle and sacrifice. Seeing someone else smile, let’s me know this is my destiny. This is my gift to you. From one curvy girl, to another”

– Theary Sim

But enough with the reacquainting…  We’ve kept you waiting for far too long. Scroll down and GET YOUR LIFE!!!!!! Usually when I check out a line, there are a few pieces that can coax an “Oooh” or even a lusty “Ahhh” out of me.

This One Love Collection?!?

Take a peek and let us know what you think!

One Love Collection by Youtheary Khmer

That pinks sweater and skirt combo? You have to move fast as it is selling out already! (Inserts the saddest of tears). That black sheer neckline? Fun! I am also digging this knit skirt… definitely a lot of fun here!

Which pieces are calling out to you? Let us know!

One Love Collection by Plus SIze Designer Youtheary Khmer

It’s available NOW! Head on over to to shop!

If you are a fan of pink, sparkles, and showing your legs…  (and who doesn’t?), You cannot go wrong with scoring a piece or two from this collection- especially as almost everything is under $50  in this spring collection (only this collection). I love she is upping her inclusivity game to add plus size options for the fellas! And this collection has no shortage of stylish pieces EVERYONE can fall in love with!

Which pieces call out most to you? Which ones can you see living on your curves and in your closet? Let’s discuss.One Love Collection by Plus SIze Designer Youtheary Khmer

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Written by Audrey Canady

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