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You Oughta Know: Plus Size Designer, Kay Dupree!

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We’re back with an ALL NEW new edition of You Oughta Know! I am tickled pink that so many of you enjoyed the inaugural post about A Conversation Piece by S. Benson. You shared your thoughts about the designs and even spilled the tea on your own experiences shopping with them. We LOVE that, so please.. keep it coming!

I didn’t have to go far to find my latest pick, as she’s a fellow New York City native. This may explain the extra sparkly surge of pride I feel. You may not know this, but New Yorkers love nothing more than to share a good thing with their friends. I’m a newbie here at The Curvy Fashionista, but I certainly hope I can consider you beautiful people pals already!

You Oughta Know: Kay Dupree

Kay attended The Art Institute of New York City and graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. During the pursuit of this degree, she had a realization that changed her life. She saw that there was only one size 14 dress form and that none of her fellow designers cared to use it. This dress form became a symbol of the plus size industry to her… left in a corner to gather dust. Never receiving any love or recognition. Understanding that plus size women were NOT getting the love they deserved in the fashion industry, Kay decided that she wanted her focus to be on plus size fashion. She remembers clearly thinking to herself, “I’m plus size and I need to represent for all the plus size women in the world!

Plus Size Designer- Kay Dupree Classic Wrap Dress
This started in 2007, when she began styling and writing for online publications. Lending her voice to empower and educate plus size consumers, Kay created Pockets Are Everything in 2011, which became a forum for pairing her audience with the view of her brand – to dress women in pieces that add chicness, sexiness and fun to their wardrobe.


Plus Size Designer- Kay Dupree Smitten Crop Top

Plus Size Designer- Kay Dupree Holy Curves

In October of 2009, she designed and sold her first t-shirt, and her brand has continued to grow with the goal to design clothing for women like herself. Because she is plus sized, she experienced many of the shopping woes we have. That feeling of walking into a store and the quality of clothes are… whomp whomp whomp. She has a first hand understanding of frustratingly limited options presented to us. She’s felt the disappointment in seeing cute clothing that won’t be made for women like her. Like me. Like us.

Plus Size Designer- Kay Dupree Polka Dot Skirt

Focusing on designing beautiful structured garments, with gorgeous fabric that fits the body of all plus size women, she is a designer who loves to ensure women feel fabulous in their clothes. Kay’s philosophy is simple, “In the fashion world we are normally rejected, pushed to the back and last to be noticed. We are beautiful and deserve to be dressed as such.

You can learn more and shop now at!

What I enjoy the most about her designs is how they are the perfect foundation to building a chic and stylish wardrobe. She creates individual pieces that play well together, but could work on their own. Graphic Tees, Crop Tops, Sweatshirts, Vibrant Skirts and Dresses that I could very easily see myself in. That isn’t always the case in plus size fashion, which is why I believe you oughta know Kay Dupree! Check out her store to view her entire collection and let me know which look was YOUR favorite.

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Written by Audrey Canady

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  1. Hi I’m glad to see there is an increase in clothing options for plus size women, but my major issue is stylish on a budget. I go to lane Bryant or some other stores and they want a hundred dollars for one dress. The can’t aff all these high prices. And another issue to the designers can you please size things correctly. It is absolutely frustrating.

    • I hear you!! We are expected to pay a lot more for stylish clothing, and it is absolutely frustrating! I take advantage of sales when they present themselves and focus on designers who make unique and well made items to justify the expensive pricing!!

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