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You Oughta Know: Greek Plus Size Label Mat Fashion

Plus Size Designers

You Oughta Know: Greek Plus Size Label Mat Fashion

Are you on the hunt for luxurious and unique plus size fashions? Get to know Greek Plus Size Label Mat Fashion from their spring/summer 2017 lookbook!

Happy Tuesday, curvy companions! We have a brand spanking new edition of You Oughta Know to share with you lovelies today and this week’s pick is a stunning one!! Trust us when we say, you’re going to want to stick around to see where we are traveling to today! Last week, we ventured to La La Land to check out the vintage-inspired denim dreams from Bad Gal Denim. Today, we have another opportunity to break out our TCFStyle Passports…. Because we are going to Greece for fashion you’ll actually want to throw a plate over! Opa! Today, we introduce to some of you, Greek plus size fashion brand, Mat Fashion!

You Oughta Know: Greek Plus Size Label Mat Fashion

Mat Fashion was created by founders George and Marianthi Moneda in 1988. The brand was established with one mission… To set new standards in women’s fashion business. In the years since its inception, Mat Fashion soon became a leading brand, which affirms that their initial mission was a success.

You Oughta Know: Greek Plus Size Label Mat Fashion

Their success was assured by their  collections of clothes, shoes and accessories that serve as an upgrade the total look concept. Mat Fashion makes clothing that allows plus size women to feel feminine and sexy, without missing what fashion is offering in standard sizes. The brand was launched with a very clear picture of what their ideal customer looks like. This allowed them to design collections with that customer in mind.

You Oughta Know: Greek Plus Size Label Mat Fashion

Wonder what are Mat Fashion women like? Proud-to-be juicy and trendy, always in a happy mood, extroverted, passionate about fashion and life in general.

You Oughta Know: Greek Plus Size Label Mat Fashion

When looking at their collections, you can very clearly see that happy, carefree woman. She’s your bestie, your sister, your mother, she’s you. She is who you are or who you aspire to be.

The creative team behind Mat Fashion design pieces that follow the mix and match concept that are heavily inspired by the latest trends. In addition, they challenge their creative senses by experimenting with new materials and fabrics.

You Oughta Know: Greek Plus Size Label Mat Fashion
Shop their latest collection TODAY at!!

I love when brands visualize the type of person they want to be seen wearing their fashions. I think it makes the creative design process more personal. I wholeheartedly believe this is why in addition to being a significant point of plus size fashion in Greece, but they have assembled dedicated  fans all over the world! This is why you oughta know Mat Fashion!

And if you want to shop them in the US, you can do so, via! 

Have you shopped Mat Fashion in the past? What did you think of their latest collection?

Let’s chit and chat about it in the comments!!

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  1. Lorraine Green

    July 18, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    Why don’t they show a plus model, can’t see if it really would look good on me…just my thoughts…

  2. Jennifer Berger-Diack

    July 19, 2017 at 12:42 am

    I’m reading this on the plane to Athens! Will def check out the store! Thx!!!

  3. Evita Politi

    July 19, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    Hey I m from Greece and MAT fashion has made its sizes smaller for about 7 years now. I wear size 24 in UK and MAT doesn’t have sizes to feet me while years ago they had and I own some of their pieces.Every time I go into one of their shops I feel like a fat freak cause nothing feets me. As a plus size girl that doesnt find clothes to feet her in her country please don’t advertise them. Sorry for the disturbing comment but I started to feel good about my self almost 2 years ago when I started to follow your blog and some others and I find out that there are actually some amazing clothes and shoes for plus size people that can feet me . My country unfortunately is not very plus size friendly 🙁 .

    • Salvanou Georgia

      July 22, 2017 at 11:42 am

      I totally agree with you..i am a size 20 and i struggle find something nice to wear…mat fashion has definately changed their sizes the last couple years!

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