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Trending! 15 of Our Favorite Plus Size Colored Denim Finds!

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Okay ladies, let’s talk colored denim! We’ve seen this trend kinda fade over the years right? But guess what, colored denim is back! Yes, girl and I am a bit excited about this because it gives me a chance to get some wear out of all the plus size colored denim I own… Ten years ago, you could grab ANY color at your local and online department stores. Do you remember when all the major department stores had every shade of the rainbow? I know that I remember, because I singlehandedly purchased EVERY color offered! Lol

I went a little colored denim crazy with colors like cobalt blue, teal, purple, fuchsia, olive, yellow, white, grey, the list is never ending because I love adding a pop of color to my look and wardrobe! Adding colored jeans to the mix allowed you to have fun in a very easy way. But! Over the years, we’ve seen the colored denim trend take a back seat to other trending plus size denim styles

But as I shared, honey… colored denim is back and coming back full force! So of course I have to share with you some of the fun colors I found in plus sizes. You ready?

15 of Our Favorite Plus Size Colored Denim Finds

Looking at these options, I cannot believe how much I have missed my huetiful denim! I mean..  How cute are the red Forever 21 ripped jeans? I totally say keep your colored denim ladies! It is so fun to add color to help spruce up your wardrobe and break up the monotony of of blue/ black denim, especially during the warmer months.

Did you find a new favorite? Which colors speak out to you? I mean… Do we go on an all-out color jean spree again or do we toss them out like bad potato salad at the family bbq? These are questions that need answers, and I am going to go with the former… I mean, why not a cobalt blue? Mint? Mustard? I am always going to err on the side of ‘give it a whirl!’

It is seriously taking all of me to not go color crazy and buy every color and shade, but wouldn’t you (unless you want to and who am I to stop you?) A few fun colors won’t hurt!

How do you feel about colored denim?

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Written by Team TCF

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  1. i always thought i was too heavy in the legs until i bought a light blue verging on lilac and i love them, have ordered white ones, to wear with a long kimono, and have grey ones, which i thought would look ghastly, think its the cut of them more than the colour, also have dark purple ones, but havent wore them in a long time

  2. Colored denim is great, but I absolutely do not get the ripped and shredded jeans – especially when they are worn so tight that the flesh is swelling and bulging out between the shreds.

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