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15 Cute And Fun Plus Size Bralettes – Because Whose Wearing Bras Anyway?!

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This article isn’t about getting rid of your bras forever. Bras have always been an everyday part of our everyday lives until the pandemic changed that completely! Bralettes are an amazing in-between, especially on those days you want to be bra-free.

You don’t have to worry about the pinching, being uncomfortable, and the all-around annoyance that bras give us. Plus size bralettes are freeing and are a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

Bralettes are no longer just worn under your clothes. This isn’t your mother’s idea of how to wear your undergarments!

We are proudly flaunting our curves and aren’t afraid to show off our beautiful bodies. However you choose to wear your bralette – if it’s peeking through your blazer, worn like a top, or seen through your sheer top, wear it with confidence!

Whether you’re team bralettes or you are a little skeptical… Let’s dive into some spring bralettes!

15 Cute And Fun Plus Size Bralettes For Spring!

Bralettes add simplicity, comfortability, and hassle-free without the struggle. This doesn’t mean lack of support for the women with bigger cup sizes. There are many bralettes that have underwire, hook, and eye and provide extra support.

It took me sometime to build the confidence to wear a bralette as a top. When I first started I would wear them with a duster or long cardigan.

plus size bralette with a floral duster and blue jeans
Image via @curves_curlsandclothes

They felt similar to a crop top, and eventually, I started wearing without the covering. If you can happily wear a crop, you can certainly wear a bralette as a top. It’s the most freeing feeling to wear whatever you want however you want!

How much do you love wearing bralettes? If you haven’t, will you try wearing them? We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Written by Kawana Dupree

I have always had a love for fashion. It has brought me peace and happiness throughout my life. Who else knows how to dress plus size bodies but a plus-size woman herself! While styling women and cultivating who I want to be in the fashion industry, I've learned that my passion to change the way plus size women think about clothes, to help them break all the rules and love their bodies along the way. Shop

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