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18 Fashion Tips to Jump-Start Your Plus Size Spring Style

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As we ready ourselves for the spring season (can it be here already, I am freezing) the newest trends, collections, and magazines are teasing us with the new and I am here for it all. Yes, ma’am! BUT, if you are new to playing with fashion, if you are like me- noticing that your personal style is evolving, or need a bit of help, then sometimes, stepping out of your box, or knowing what to do or where to start, can be a daunting task.

Well… to help you out, I have rounded up a few tips for YOU to own, rock, embrace to help your personal style bloom just in time for spring. For me, this process has been a colorful one, hello red hair, and a revealing one as I grow into loving me just a bit more! Such an interesting parallel for me!

So, I am pushing you to take a few steps with me! Take a read and let me know what you think! Make sure you share with your girlfriends, homies, and loved ones who make be looking for a few ways to bring it! Sharing is indeed caring!

18 Fashion Tips to Jump-Start Your Plus Size Spring Style

  1. Get Playful In Color

Marina Rinaldi Leather Bomber Jacket Oooohhh I am sooo here for the intensity of color for spring. I am looking forward to rich blues, blinding yellows, juicy oranges. AND bold and bright prints of all scales! No worries, I will have the Color Trends for spring coming soon! PS. I am in love with this yellow leather bomber from Marina Rinaldi!

  1. Find A Few New On Trend Key Items To Add To Your Closet

Each season, in my push, I find a few more pieces to update my closet with. Whether it is the wide leg pant, a jumpsuit or romper, or a shirtdress, I look for items that will last longer than one season but that will also transition into or last longer than a year.

  1. An Eye For Detail

asos curve chi chi londonOne way to add a bit more tude or interest to your look? The details and finishes of your look- whether it be the belt, jewels, or even the buttons on your jacket. Think the clutch, the shoe, and the glasses you rock. They are JUST as important to your overall look!

  1. Clean Out the Closet

I JUST did this. I now have an Ikea size bag full of goodies to get rid of! I look at my past year’s spring and summer wear and if I did not rock it, then… well, it is time to go. I also get the homie to review my keep and toss piles. I tend to cut too deep or not deep enough and need a no nonsense girlfriend’s tough love!

  1. Update Your Signature Pieces

We all have our tried and true pieces, but why not give that black blazer an update or replace with an updated version? Either take it to the tailor to rework, do it yourself, or donate it so that you can have a wardrobe that is just as exciting as you are!

  1. Pull Tears (Create A Pinterest Board) Of Your Personal Style Inspirations

I am currently obsessed with Carine Roitfeld. Like, I love that she has an edgy signature style. She slays the midi pencil skirt paired with daring blouses and killer heels. While I won’t copy her look head to toe, I remain inspired by it and am finding how this rocks out for me. I even have a Pinterest board of other’s whose looks have me thinking!

Ply Apparel polka dot skirt

  1. “Wear Something That Scares You”- Jes Baker

Oh this girl is good. Let me tell you when I got to meet her in New York last week and she said this? This resonated with me SOOO HARD. I was like yes. YES! I am quickly applying this to my life, stat. So this means a bit more daring Marie will be playing for spring!

  1. Find A Few New Versatile Basics To Add Into Your Closet

I love a great shirtdress. I am hyped they are coming back haaaard. Hello legs. Hehehe. But seriously, Think the new LWD-Little White Dress or wide leg jeans and pants. These are going to be around for a while and while they may not have been part of your essentials, they can be!

  1. Accessorize to Maximize

I grew up in retail always thinking about the third piece, polishing the look, and curating your personality through accessories. Since I love rings, chances are you will never see me without AT LEAST two of them on my hands. I stalk Hautelook and Ideel for these. But find out what works for YOU and add a bit of personality and jazz to your look through these on purpose.Salvatore Ferragamo at Bloomingdales

  1. Update the Foundations

Foundations you ask? I mean the undergarments. When was the last time you were measured? The last time you bought shapewear (if this is your thing?) refreshed your chonie collection? With the new silhouettes for spring, it is important that these underthings be just right so that your garments lay just how they are supposed to!

  1. Play In Items That Make You Feel Confident (Not Just Because It Is On Trend)

I tried a skater skirt. Not for me. I really loved the look, wanted to love it, but I did not feel right. It wasn’t in my wheelhouse. BUT I did try it. I felt self-conscious, silly, and this distracted me from enjoying my day, the event, and from having a GREAT day…. I was proud of myself for giving it a whirl, but would I do it again? Not so much.

  1. Make Sure You Know The Fit Of Each Retailer

Not every plus size brand will fit the same (just like straight sizes). While some brands DO have fit issues, knowing which brands are more junior cut, missy cut, or true to size is critical. This will help you navigate through the designers and retailers and boutiques!

  1. Forget The “Size” Of The Garment, Pay Attention To Fit

I do not know how loud I can scream this, BUT, fit is much more important than the number size. When an item fits well, you are more confident, comfortable, and assured of self to take on the day or event! If an item doesn’t fit well, the tugging, pulling, or whatever other telling sign can hinder you enjoying life- all because of you fussing with your clothes!

  1. Know Your Measurements

Do you know these? When was the last time you got a professional measurement? (I did it at the tailor/dry cleaners) knowing these can help ease your shopping woes when shopping online if you need a bit more security about buying online!

  1. Organize the Closet

It is one thing to clean out and purge the closet and another to organize it. I have even done a post or two on this! But what is the point of having an effective and well-rounded closet if you cannot find anything? I life to organize by item and color… what about you?

Monif C

  1. Read Blogs (subscribe to mine), Magazines, and Your Fave Retailers’ Sites to Learn What Is Coming Down the Pipeline!

We are here to help, be a resource, and to give you a few ideas to play in! I have a blog roll, my fave designers and retailers, a boutique directory and even have a cleaner navigation to help you find plus size designers, plus size dresses, lingerie, shoes- you name it, I probably have written about it!

  1. Have Fun

One of the things that has helped me most, was taking the seriousness out of it and learning to have a bit more fun AND to stop being lazy about it… for me, this was my challenge. It was easy to throw on a maxi dress in Cali. But playing around with separates, accessories, hair, and makeup- allowed for me to find the old me- the one I had so much fun being! Heyyy booo!

  1. Own It

Whatever it is that you decide to rock, honey OWN it. If you want to explore this season’s boho trend, do it and enjoy the flower child influences…

18 Fashion Tips to Jump-Start Your Plus Size Spring Style

You know, this journey is an ever evolving one and one that may take a bit longer than others to get too. SO do not fret if you cannot own each one of these, hell I am still working on it. The beauty is learning who you are or realizing WHAT you want to say, along the way!

Which ones resonate the most with you? What are your favorite and are going to work on? Let’s chat!


Looks featured here:

Leather Bomber, from; Lace Blue Dress, from; Polka dot skirt from; Lace Set from

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. Thank you so much for this. I am trying to learn to dress for myself and my confidence. I need to purge my closet and consider what gaps there are. I have a little reward coming in a couple of weeks and I’m thinking Yellow Cardigan….

  2. I understand that the category of “Plus Size” has been revamped to include those who are a size 10 and up!! PATHETIC actually. Anyway, I am begging you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not fall into the typical catalogue model image as it is a very easy one to fall into. PLEASE do not get away from the REAL plus sized women and start show casing and focusing on the size 10 PLUS SIZE model. Us REAL plus size women need to see REAL plus size fashion on models who we can relate to. There is nothing more upsetting then going through a store catalogue for plus size women and finding all the models are anything but a plus size. Please remember us and don’t ignore us because the definition of the PLUS SIZE has been incomprehensibly lowered to include the perfect size women. Cloths don’t look the same on the perfect shape as they do on more curvy larger girls .

  3. I am so interested in the latest fashion. I believe every woman can be beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside. Your tips will help us all to get there! Thanks for sharing your insights with us. I love color, and I am going to use most of your suggestions.

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