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Body Talk: How To Look Like You Have A Waist Although You’re Shaped Like An Apple (Like Me)

Body Talk: How To Look Like You Have A Waist Although You’re Shaped Like An Apple (Like Me)

Maui Bigelow curator of PHAT Girl fresh

Hey Curvy Fashionistas, Maui here!

I know it has been a while but today I am back to talk body talk. Now you know that I love you all but I want to target a specific group today. This is a group of curvy, plus or fat (whatever you want to call them) girls that I can relate to because we are one in the same in terms of body type. Yep, you guessed it, I am here for all my apple shaped girls today.

Don’t know if you’re apple shaped?

Let me help you do the math, here are a few characteristics of an apple shaped body:

  • Wide torso
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Full Bust
  • Full waist
  • Full upper back
  • Most of your weight gain is in waistline
  • No defined waistline

If you answered yes to most or all of these characteristics… HEY BOO HEY! This post is just for you my love.   

Maui Bigelow curator of PHAT Girl fresh

For me dressing my apple shape to satisfy my standards, proved to be problematic for many years. This was mostly due to my lack of knowledge, not of fashion but of my body. One thing that is vital to a woman’s ability to slay, is her knowledge of her body. You have to know your shape, what compliments your curves and what does not, because these things will determine whether you are fly or frumpy.

I don’t know about you, but for me? My biggest issue has been my waist or maybe I should say my lack of one. I am without question one of those fat apple shaped girls with no defined waist. I know that you ladies can agree that this can be a headache, especially when shopping for a dress. However, there are ways to solve this issue and look fabulous doing it.

Maui Bigelow curator of PHAT Girl fresh

Consider these tips the next time you’re shopping for your next show stopper:

  • Empire and drop waist dresses create great silhouettes for apple shapes.
  • Look for A-Line dresses, they are your besssssssssst friend.
  • Find dresses that fit the bust and skim the waistline; this will draw the attention away from your waist.
  • Avoid dress that are cut to fit your natural waist, high waist is where you will score.
  • Don’t be afraid of a shorter dress, they look great on apple shapes and most of us have great legs.

In the event that you are still struggling to understand, let me show you how I looked flirty, fly and chic a skater dress. Oh and check my waist!


Maui Bigelow curator of PHAT Girl fresh

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All of these tips are great and I promise you they will assist you in taking your style to the next level. However, nothing is more important and rewarding than loving your body, getting to know your body and creating your own standards for yourself. Once you combine all of these things with a greater knowledge, you will own every room you walk into.

Now tell me… were these tips helpful or do you have any additional tips to add? How do you flaunt your curvy apple shape?

Chime in ladies, you know I want to hear from you!

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