My Curves, My Journey: Learning to Block Out the World

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Last week Audrey helped kick off our new series “My Curves, My Journey” with her story of finding and embracing her love of color and fashion! Our “My Curves, My Journey” series was created as a way for us women to share our journey into finding ourselves. As I am on this journey of personal growth and learning to better love myself, I felt the need to create a space for our community to share those stories. Depending on where we are in our individual journeys we may just need to hear someone else’s story to help us move our along and so with this series I hope to encourage us to share with each other. What has been one of your most pivotal moments on your journey to loving yourself and owning who you are? Can you remember what that felt like? Join us every week as we learn about each other’s journeys to self-love. 

How do I start? It’s always been easier for me to talk about others before talking about myself. But after Audrey’s amazing story of finding herself and love of color again, I had to jump in and share my story. I’ll keep it short and to the point. So here goes.

My Curves, My Journey: Learning to Block Out the World

Growing up I was always a plus size girl. From as young as I could remember I’ve always been the tallest and biggest girl in my class. Luckily for me, I had very few instances (except the one time I heard some ‘friends’ of mine say I’d be the perfect to ask out if only I’d lose some weight) where I was picked on or bullied for my size that really bothered me. For the most part I would just laugh it off. Kanye shrug. That all changed when I got into “the real world”.


It seemed to me as though the minute I entered adulthood, everyone I came into contact with wanted to tell me about some amazing new diet plan. Or give me my favorite backhanded compliment “you’re pretty for a big girl” or “your face is so pretty”! I can remember like yesterday, we were in Miami celebrating for my 23rd birthday and we were out walking down Ocean Blvd. Minding our own business. We walked past this group of guys and as I walked pass I heard them say “yea you see they look worse as the line goes, and they put the fat one in the back”. That was literally the first time I’d ever heard complete strangers comment on me and my appearance and so boldly at that. It tore my spirit and definitely ruined the night for me. All I could do was call my friend and cry.

Soon I started to place more importance on people’s opinions of me instead of living comfortably in my own skin. I became more aware of the stares and looks (we all get but try our best to ignore) and let them dictate if I would enjoy myself. My moment, however, came when I entered a wardrobe makeover contest by blogger Ramona O, and I got to go and get my makeup done and be a model for a day!

That day was very liberating for me, but what was even more liberating was the response and support from my friends and family and even strangers once we released the pictures from the shoot! Their love and support triggered something inside of me that brought back my confidence that I had lost. It helped me remember the old, carefree, happy-g0-lucky Jasmine that would gladly tell you where to put it if you had anything negative to say about her.

Now I’m slowly, but surely getting back to that carefree Jasmine. It’s taken a while for me to get back to her, but she is here and shining through everyday.

I love that Jasmine has learned to block out the negativity of the world and love and embrace herself again!

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Written by Jazzy

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