Media Planet addresses plus size fashion in the USA Today

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What happens when you get Gwen DeVoe, Tara Lynn, Marquita Pring, Candice Huffine, Emme, Catherine Schuller, Jessica Weiner, Connie Elder, Kmart, Ashley Stewart, Bare Necessities, Lane Bryant, Avenue, and USA Today together? 

Plus size fashion in the USA Today

You get some kind of amazing.

Today, MediaPlanet released a Full-Figured Fashion Report and placed it in front of one million people via USA Today, in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

This feature is quite major.

With a reach of over one million, from business to fashion consumers alike, this report fashioned by MediaPlanet is kind of close to amazing. Out to show the evolution and growth of the plus size market, MediaPlanet tapped pioneers within the plus community and featured a few new and familiar faces!

Why am I excited?

Screw heading over to magazine, this report and mini magazine features roundtable discussions with some of the largest plus size retailer CEO’s and Executives, Industry reports about what plus size women REALLY want, highlights the beauty of plus size women- without bringing everything back to the irritating “Obesity Rate in America” byline.

Full Figured Fashion Week™ founder, Gwen DeVoe opens up the report with her work with bringing plus size fashion to the forefront with her annual event headquartered in New York!

MediaPlanet's Full Figured Report in USA Today

Some of the interviews and op eds include interviews with Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine and Marquita Pring! Highlight of this interview? Tara Lynn for saying:

“Our culture will continue to privilege any specific group only if we let it. By fearing discrimination, we fuel it. If instead we celebrate and respect ourselves, we begin to free ourselves of stigma.”

MediaPlanet's Full Figured Report in USA Today



While I could go over each section, I invite you to take a read at the full report! What I am curious to see is how this will be received. I am elated and I hope to see more of these features and reports.

As Catherine Schuller answers the question: How can we shine a brighter light onto full-figured fashion?

She replies back with the perfect answer: “Incorporate plus-size designs into the mainstream fashion industry.”

Q. What do you think about this report? Have you read it yet? Are you going to read? I, for one, am going to go find me a copy of USA Today JUST FOR THIS!

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