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Ask The Reader: Are You Rocking Juicy Couture Black Label?

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Girl. When was the last time you rocked a velour suit? Think about it… Velour tracksuits are making a comeback and Juicy Couture has thrown their hat into the pile to take for the 99s & the 2000s! Yup you read that right! Velour tracksuits are back like they never left! Juicy Couture Black Label now offers plus size jumpsuits exclusively at Bloomingdale’s. I can remember the day when JLO burst on the scene in her “I’m Real” video with her all pink tracksuit short set and I just had to have one of my own. I mean, we all had variations of them… or was that just me?

So you can imagine my surprise when I saw the plus size options pop up in my alerts, and I sat on it… thinking, would we revisit this again, in this trend of athleisure? Could we rock it again, sans the juicy on our bums? Seeing the news that Juicy Couture had relaunched plus sizes and their collection with Bloomingdale’s brought back sooooo many fond memories, that we had to bring back our Ask the Reader to gauge your interest and to see where you were at with this!

I mean…

Are You Going to Rock Juicy Couture Black Label?

Juicy Couture Black Label Plus Size Tracksuits

The Juicy Couture Black Label originally relaunched its exclusive partnership with Bloomingdale’s, back in 2016. “We are excited to bring Juicy Couture track back to Bloomingdale’s… Juicy was the originator of athleisure, a trend that resonates with our customers and has a strong presence in our Fall 2016 assortment.” Frank Doroff, Bloomingdale’s Vice Chairman

But now, this collaboration has extended into plus sizes. I mean, this collaboration is a year old, but with plus sizes being added, I am curious…

Now, I will admit, within the Juicy Couture collection, back in the day, there were quite a few cute ready-to-wear pieces! Now that you can get Juicy Couture at places like Kohls, Juicy Couture Black Label, I am assuming is just a bit more fancy and exclusive! This exclusive collaboration is part of the 100% Bloomingdale’s program, a series of designer capsule collections created exclusively for the retailer.

And we have to hear from you!

Is this something that you can see yourself rocking?

Juicy Couture Black Label Plus Size Tracksuits

“In celebration of Juicy Couture’s 21st year, we are paying homage to the brand’s roots in track, an innovation that has solidified Juicy’s place in American pop culture,” said Jamie Salter, Chairman & CEO, ABG. “We are excited to launch this collection in partnership with Bloomingdale’s, a retailer renowned for curating fashion, luxury and trend.”

So ladies! Are you going to give velour tracksuits another try? Or should we leave this trend where its at?

I for one, am all for comfort and I remember the velour being soft & breathable, so I’m all for mayyyyyybe giving it a try! Maybe not now, in the summer, until they come out with the short set, but this could definitely come in hand in the fall or the winter!

Shop the collection exclusively in stores or at Bloomingdale’!

Let me know which color and where you would rock your velour tracksuit or if you’d rather leave this trend in the past!

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Written by Team TCF

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