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How to OWN IT: Bold Lipstick

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Bold lip colors are having a moment in the world of beauty and the colors that are making their way into a lipstick tube near YOU, will blow your mind. We are talking about electric blue hues, gorgeous greens, and even goulish grey lipsticks. Celebs such as Rihanna and Kylie Jenner have been a few of the pioneers of this edgy trend and both have been spotted rockin’ blue lippies at some point or another!


It’s not only celebrities and beauty bloggers that are opting for rainbow colored lipstick, everyday women are lovin’ this trend too. Ladies around the globe are starting to view their makeup bag like a box of crayons with an assortment of bright colored lipsticks to choose from. They are utilizing these hues to express themselves and their personal style and that is something we can totally dig.

Here’s everything you need to know to OWN the bold lipstick trend in no time!

How to OWN IT: Bold Lipstick

Experiment with Colors and Finishes

If you are new to the idea of wearing crazy colored lipsticks, it’s ok to start off by doing some research to find the right texture for you. If you are on the conservative side or just getting started, opt for a lip stain or lip gloss, which will add a dose of color without the side of drama. If you are ready to have all eyes on you, then get your hands on an eye-catching opaque matte lipstick.

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As far as picking a color, pick a shade that reflects YOU. Utilize this color to express yourself, your mood, or your current color obsession. Remember while we all love to look our best, wearing a bold lip color is all about being a trendsetter and creating a statement look.

Find the Right Hue for You

I personally like to shop from brands that show swatches of the colors they offer. You can shop at your favorite makeup counter or drugstore, but keep in mind that the mainstream brands have limited color options.

If you are looking for the Technicolor hues, then you probably want to shop online. There are tons of indie brands to shop from such as Coloured Raine, Dose Of Colors, Melt Cosmetics and Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Another cult-favorite and one of my personal favorites is Colourpop. They swatch their products on multiple skin tones, so it helps to visualize how the color will look on you before it even arrives.


Prep Your Lips

Make sure your pucker is on point by keeping it conditioned regularly with your favorite lip balm. It is also a good idea to exfoliate your lips prior to applying your lipstick, so that your lips are silky smooth and that the application is a breeze!

It’s a Balancing Act

When you wear a bold colored lip, you are instantly bringing all eyes to your lips. If this is a new step for you, a great tip is for you to keep the rest of your makeup look minimal, yet polished. And then SMIZE.2014-Fall-Fashion-Trends-4

Confidence is Everything

Your attitude and how you carry yourself will really set the tone on how to wear a bold colored lipstick. Put on that bright lipstick, hold your head up high, and add a sashay to your step and own that sh*t!


Remember everything is an experiment and every trend or style will not work for everyone! So if the outrageously bold lip is not for you, NO WORRIES! If you are curious and want to test it out- you better OWN it and go for it! If you do, make sure you tag us on instagram, at @thecurvyfashionista!

What bold lipstick colors do you OWN?

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