Tomorrow, Join the #DIAArmy and Release Your Arms!

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Being plus size all of my life (literally from elementary school) I’ve always felt confident and secure in myself and my body. Although I was plus size, I was always on the lower end (comfortable 14, sometimes squeezing into a 12/13). That all changed when the “freshman 15” turned into the “sophomore 25” so on and so forth. All of a sudden my size 14 went to a size 18. “Bare” with me here…

From that change, I noticed my stomach was a little pudgier and my face and cheeks much fuller. What I didn’t notice until I started reaching my now size 22 was that my arms were getting bigger too. UGH! Not only were they bigger, but now they were the cause of me not being able to buy or wear certain types of clothes because they wouldn’t fit or it was uncomfortable to wear without going up an entire size.

So what did I do? Start buying tank tops and wearing cardigans or jackets. And when that didn’t work or it was too hot I started only wearing baggy t-shirts. I hated the fact that my arms were so big and that I had the extra fat around my elbows and so I tried my best to hide it.

Join the #DiaArmy and go sleeveless

I don’t know if it was the fact of seeing other plus size women out and about, showing off their bodies and arms with pride or the fact that I was tired of always having to dress for my arms. Maybe it was various other movements to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, but something clicked and I realized I had become a “shell of myself.” I had let my weight gain and insecurities of what others may think dictate what I wore and how I felt about myself.

Join the #DiaArmy and go sleeveless

I, for one, pride myself on having been the opposite of that my entire life (as far as I could remember). So slowly, but surely, I started to wear more sleeveless tops. I haven’t made the big “just to go strapless” jump just yet, but that’s because I have to find a good bra (gotta have some support). But the point is, I finally got out of my own way and made a step to getting back to me and being comfortable in my skin again.

Which brings me to this challenge…

Join the #DIAArmy and Release Your Arms!

DIA&Co is challenging us plus size women to join the #DIAArmy this Friday and go sleeveless! So, I want to challenge you all to join me and the rest of Team TCF to go sleeveless and release your arms! Just to show my commitment to the cause I’ve given you a few pictures of me #GoingSleeveless (had to look through the archives, no worries check out The Curvy Fashionista Instagram Friday and I’ll have a better one)!

Join the #DiaArmy and go sleeveless

I know it won’t be easy, but you have to start somewhere!

Liberate yourself and your arms! Let me know why you don’t like them and if should accept the challenge be sure to use #DIAArmy and #TCFStyle!

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Written by Team TCF

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