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First Look: Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant Collection STUNS

First Look: Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant Collection STUNS

Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant on The Curvy Fashionista

I don’t think you are ready for this. Not for this amazing Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant Collection. Nope you aint ready…. Or are you? A few months back I shared with you my excitement about this announcement, the news, ideas, and thoughts I had about this collection! And guess what???

We got a tease of what is to come! And it is nice… soooo nice.

Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant Collection STUNS on The Curvy Fashionista

I first saw the People Mag layout of the collection knowing that it was going to stun, but ummmm this? I am quite impressed with them. Think ladylike, sophistication, reminiscent of First Lady Michelle Obama, all with a little bit of an edge… or I see the edge in this. (I think I try to find the edge in everything though) Full of spring trends, metallic, lace, and black, it is good and I cannot wait to see in real life.

Any who, let me show you!!! Thanks to the tip from Plus Model Mag, I am able to share this with you! I am soooo damned sad that I could not be in New York for the Fashion Show (having less than a 10 day lead to buy tickets, don’t make it possible) that I was looking forward to! (I have a few thoughts here, I will share more)

First Look: Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant Collection STUNS

See what I mean? How gorgeous is this range? How amazing is this collection that has us daydreaming of fancy work attire, high tea events, or you know, whatever!

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The full capsule collection, Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant Collection launches on March 17! That is just in …. Days!!!!

You can check out the collection now, at Lane Bryant! They have a teaser and a full preview! You are going to love it!

Visit Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant Collection Here

HOMIGAWD. Available online and in select stores, we have two days for the collection to go live! Maybe I will make a trip out to the store on Sunday! I think so!

I am really hyped about this range! Which pieces are you waiting for and HAVE to have? Make sure you share this with all your girls looking for fancy options!

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  • All that I can say is FINALLY! Thank you Lane Bryant for bringing fashion forward clothing to your stores! I’m loving the shapes, the textures, the vespa romantic chic from Paris vibe (bc they ride vespas instead of motorcycles) that I’m getting from the collection. Horray for Isabel Toledo! I hope that the quality of the items will hold up to the visuals. I am all about quality over quantity these days.

  • I’m so happy I wasn’t the only one who loves this collection. I saw of the comments saying they didn’t think like it. I’m just glad to see LB trying something different for once.

  • I sometimes feel like all plus size clothes are either a) frumpy or the new ones can be b) body con, tight, etc. Which is great for those who love, but I am a true romantic at heart. I think this collection might be as close to perfect as you can get. The two tone dress is by far my favorite!!!

  • I really like the collection. I think it is really pretty, and I am going to buy a dress from it. But just one dress. That is my problem with the collection- it is just dresses and jackets. I don’t really wear those type of professional jackets, and how many dresses do I really need? I wish they had done a greater variety of items- maybe some pants, or at least separates.

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