Ohhhh, Look! Fashion To Figure Is Back!

After a rapid acquisition of Fashion to Figure, we had questions about where New York & Co was going to take it. Today, New York & Company relaunches plus size brand, Fashion To Figure and it is worth the look!

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When we first heard about Fashion To Figure heading into liquidation, not going to lie… we panicked a little bit! There’s already so few true-to-form plus size brands to choose from, so losing another quality brand was out of the question. Then, next thing you know, we hear New York & Company had scooped up Fashion To Figure in an acquisition!

Fashion to Figure Relaunch with New York and Co
Fashion to Figure’s leading image on the site

So naturally, we were a bit curious, given the brands’ different and respective types of style. Fashion To Figure mostly gave you that tight and sexy club wear, while New York & Company was for the professional career woman. When this news broke, we had soooo many questions…

Would New York & Co scrap Fashion To Figure’s entire style?

Would this just be a cash investment to the brand?

Was this going to be a whole new look for Fashion to Figure? 

Could we get elevated quality and style from Fashion to Figure, that we know and love, married with the quality we dig from NY&Co? 

Does this make sense?

Since NY&Co has their own plus size options, would this be something that is signature and unique to FTF’s style?

As you can see, we had questions that needed answers!

Fashion to Figure Relaunch with New York and Co

Interestingly enough, once the acquisition was announced, things moved hella fast. The anticipated launch date was set to February and they stuck to their word — the day is here! All of those questions we had? Were mostly answered!

Fashion to Figure Relaunch with New York and Co Fashion to Figure Relaunch with New York and Co

As the website says, “FTF styles are thoughtfully designed and fit specifically for curvy bodies size 12-24.” However, FTF’s sizing isn’t the same as NY&Co’s (aka standard sizing).  If you’re a visual creature like me, here’s the chart:

Fashion to Figure SIze Chart

From the looks of it, there seems to be a combination of sexy wear along with pieces that you can rock to work. I’d say it’s a good start. I really dig the FTF SIGNATURE – SIENNA PEPLUM TOP, FTF SWEETHEART BODYCON and FTF ZOE BELL SLEEVE DRESS.

Here are a few things I have observed:

  • New York & Co definitely stayed true to the brand. Thank you!
  • Pricing seems to have gone a smidge. Not too much, but enough to notice
  • There is no announcement on either brand’s socials… I wonder why?
  • The styling and imagery is definitely inspiring and gives you an idea of how it will rock
  • The pictures make the product look… better

Right now, there are only 59 items in their collection, but safe to say, the old Fashion to Figure that we know and love is definitely in good hands… for now.

Overall, it’s giving me a mix of professional wear, sexy wardrobe, flirty fits and casual style. I think this is a good start and I’m looking forward to when the relationship evolves into bolder choices- both for work and play!

Shop NY & Company’s Fashion To Figure collection at!

What do you think, ladies?

Now that we’ve seen the result of this pairing — do you think this is a good match? Are there any particular pieces you have your eye on?

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Written by Tonja Renée Stidhum

Tonja Renée Stidhum is a writer/director made of sugar and spice and everything rice. She has the uncanny ability to make a Disney reference and a double entendre in the same sentence.

What do you think?


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  1. I was not a huge fan of F2F because I’m old and, as you said, it was more club-type wear. And I never knew New York & Co. had anything larger than a 12. So I went and looked at the new line. I basically like it. Some of the dresses are gorgeous! There are also peplum tops which I love and work for me.

  2. I like this balance!! I was worried. Now I’m…less worried. However, like you, I look forward to the growth and more FTF true boldness…I just don’t know if NY&Co has THAT in them. These early pieces might be the extent. Definitely brings NY&Co into the more trendy styles, but those who loved FTF for mainly club wear might be disappointed.

  3. I heard the material was the same from someone who went in the store to check it out. I do like some of the looks they have here though.

  4. You know am so disappointed. I liked F2F, I liked alot of their pieces and not only club wear. I don’t think the selection offered on the NY&Co website is any good. Plus the prices are insane. Am completely disappointed.
    So do I understand correctly the stores are still opened but the website integrated with NY&Co.
    I wish I would have read before the big sale on the website for F2F so I can rack up.

  5. Im not happy with the buy out. I think they should have more styles and the prices are very high to me. Ftf was one plus size store i could afford. Hopefully these change on the future.

  6. It was announced yesterday I believe that they are not back with their own site again. I am super excited. Today they have free shipping. This is one of the best stores that have trendy clothes with quality fabrics.

  7. Fashion to figure used to be very good. Prices are high not many varieties. The few items you like are sky high. No coupons. Ny& company coupons dont aplly to them website is weird. Total disappointment. Hmmmph!!!

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