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You Oughta Know: Fatties In A Taxi

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The Heathers are here ladies, and they’re bringing us all exactly what we need: “Fat, shady and socially aware awesomeness!” Fatties in a Taxi, the dynamic duo from New York, Latti and Shak started their YouTube journey on October 2015 with hair tutorials and fashion find hauls.

Since then, Fatties in a Taxi have stepped up their talks, to take on major topics through awesome Facebook live videos. They cover a variety of topics, tackling body shaming within the plus size community to health and mental illness.

Fatties In A Taxi

Staying fashionably forward, unapologetically real, and super dope, hearing these real life crazy conversations in the park got us super excited to learn more about The Heathers and Fatties in a Taxi!

So, we had the chance to interview them, to share with you the awesomeness that we know! Are you ready to learn more about these fierce, bold, and unapologetic team shaking things up? Keep reading for an inside look at Fatties In A Taxi!

You Oughta Know: Fatties In A Taxi

How did the Heathers decide to take your voices from the streets of NYC to social media?
Fatties in a Taxi (FIAT): Well we decided that we spent so much time on social media watching, sharing, promoting people but never for anyone like us. All the most popular sections were filled with cookie cutter clones. There were no regular degular folks we could relate to who not only could dress but actually cared about the fat black community.
Your style over the years has changed but you two seem to keep up a “twin like” appearance are your looks planned out?
FIAT: Yes wow, looking back we definitely had a GLOW UP! With more confidence (and coins) came a whole new wardrobe and sense of self! But funny enough we rarely used to coordinate our outfits and were genuinely surprised when we’d link up and look like twins.Now we’re at a point where we just say, the hell with it, let’s twin up lol…

Fatties in a Taxi

Can you discuss with TCF what personal style means to you?
FIAT: Personal style means freedom! It means standing up to a world who doesn’t want to see me, who wants me to shrink and telling them NAH YOU WILD. I’M HERE TO SLAY. It means growth, confidence, and appreciation. Our personal style is forever evolving the more in love with our bodies we become. It’s a wild ride.

Fatties In A Taxi

What’s something you want the plus size community and fashion world to know about our fav Heathers ?
FIAT: We want the plus size community and fashion world to know that we’re here to stay!!! We are going to be your favorite shady FAT Heathers forever! There is a major gap in the plus size community of bloggers who don’t promote a certain look or an ideal shape.We’re here to fill that gap!We want to remind the world no matter your size, shape, or weight you deserve to take up space, be seen, heard, loved and respected! But most importantly we want to remind everyone that FAT BODIES ARE AMAZING! They are beautiful, strong, lovable, desirable, and plain ole SEXY AF!!
Fatties In A TaxiWhere do you see the next phase of Fatties In A Taxi, what does the next 5 years look like?
FIAT: Wow we never even thought we’d get this far. It’s amazing. We have so many new ideas for Fatties. We definitely want to head back to our roots and focus more on fat positive ways approach to fashion, dating, work and just life in general.We have always wanted to be a voice for the non mainstream “not acceptable” fat bodies. Life is coming at us really fast and as such we may be going outside of NYC so we’re excited about that as well. Honestly speaking though we haven’t really planned 5 years into the future let alone 5 months.The success of Fatties is still so new to us. We’re SHOOK lol. We never in a million years thought our little rants and raves could benefit anyone.

Fatties In A Taxi

How much fun is this dynamic duo ?!

If you want to stay connected and learn more about them, then head over to their FB page, Fatties in a Taxi!

You can also check out their YouTube channel, to watch older videos and makeup tutorials.

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