8 Genius Fashion Apps to Download Now

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One of the best things about the fashion world right now, is how it has firmly integrated into the world of technology. With everyone having such busy schedules, coupled with the total domination of social media, fashion and technology have become forever linked together to the delight of the fashion-obsessed everywhere. Enter the much needed world of fashion apps.

Sure, you’re probably an expert in the world of online shopping, but there are fashion apps out there that can make your hunt for the perfect garment even easier than you ever imagined, all you need is a smartphone or your tablet, right? 

If you need a little style inspo, need styling advice, want to save a few coins, there is an app for just about everything! To help you on your spring shopping, we have rounded up a few apps to know, that may be able to help you shop a bit more confidently!

8 Genius Fashion Apps to Download Now

  1. 21 Squared

    8 Genius Fashion Apps to Download Now
    Photo courtesy of 21 Squared

    21 Squared mixes artificial intelligence and user contributed feedback to create a more personalized shopping experience for the plus sized consumer. Users are matched with counterparts with similar body shapes and style preferences to help find the perfect outfits and build their own shopping community. The app aims to simplify the curvy users’ shopping experience and facilitate users inspiring users.

  2. Mode-Relier 

    8 Genius Fashion Apps to Download Now
    Photo courtesy of Mode-relier

    This innovative app works by creating your outfits from the clothes already in your closet. Mode-Relier also uses your complexion, hair color, and lighting to give you the best options. The app gives you the ability to organize your outfits and also invite your friends to compare/contrast looks. The best part, however, is the app virtually organizes your closet by size, color, and fabric.

  3. ShopStyle

    8 Genius Fashion Apps to Download Now
    Photo courtesy of ShopStyle

    This fun and enduringly popular app checks the online racks of your favorite stores to find if the items you want, and are searching for, are available for purchase. ShopStyle also allows you to discover the latest styles, by giving you access new fashion arrivals and ultimately getting you the best deals on items you love. The app is also notable for the love shown to fashion bloggers, providing them the opportunity to monetize their sites through affiliate links.

  4. Poshmark

    8 Genius Fashion Apps to Download Now
    Photo courtesy of Poshmark

    If there is one reason to download the Poshmark app, it’s due to the abundant access to over 5,000 brands posted by faithful (and reliable) users. The interface of the app also makes it incredibly easy to search for the luxury and discounted items of your choice. The true bonus, however, is that it allows users the ability to list their own items free of charge.

  5. eBates

    8 Genius Fashion Apps to Download Now
    Photo courtesy of Ebates

    The only thing better than shopping, is shopping and not paying full price. After downloading the eBates app, all you have to do to save money is visit your favorite fashion retailers through the app and watch the financial rewards roll in.  Users get a percentage of money spent back, generally based on the retailer and how much money you spent on your purchase.

  6. PS Department

    8 Genius Fashion Apps to Download Now
    Photo courtesy of PS Dept.

    Many times, unless you’re a celebrity or dropping major cash, the VIP treatment while shopping can be something that unfortunately escapes your grasp, but this app aims to change that. The PS Department app keeps you up on all the fashion sales you care about, giving you instant access to pre-sales and pre-orders. With the app you also have access to the use of global sourcing, courtesy of in-house stylists, and on-command customer service through direct messaging inside the app.

  7. Stitch Fix

    8 Genius Fashion Apps to Download Now
    Photo courtesy of Stitchfix

    In these increasingly hectic days, no one has any time to spare—and that even includes time for shopping. No worries because the Stitch Fix app brings the clothes straight to you. The process is simple, fill out a style profile to help find out what items you’ll be interested in, and then you request your Stitch Fix personalized delivery. A package of selected outfits is then sent to you from your personal stylist…all based on your style profile! Whatever you love, you keep, what you don’t, you return for free.

  8. Stylebook

    8 Genius Fashion Apps to Download Now
    Photo courtesy of Stylebook

    Use your love of photographing all of your outfits to upload them into this handy fashion app. It’s also ideal for all you jet-setting fashionistas out there who are always packing for an excursion. Once you’ve uploaded your clothing to the Stylebook app, just choose the items from your virtual closet to create any type of look you like and add them to your packing list for an efficient packing guide.

To get you on your way, we’ve compiled a list of the best fashion apps you need to download immediately. After all, spring is just around the corner and that means you’ll likely need to prepare yourself properly for the retail therapy you’re about to partake in.

Happy Shopping Fashionistas!

What are some of your favorite fashion apps? How often do you use fashion apps for online shopping? What’s on your must-have spring shopping list?

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  1. My favorite fashion app as of now is shoptagr. Shoptagr watch clothes you want for you and tells you when they go on sale, they are back in stock, etc. it works with a lot of retail stores. I love it. I’ve been saving money and getting my dream wardrobe bit by bit because of Shoptagr.

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