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Types of Plus Size Shapewear and Shapewear Buying Tips

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I have had quite a few of you who have asked me about plus size shapewear options. I play with it, rock it, use it frequently. If you are one who cares not for shapewear, then this post is not for you… this is specifically for those who have been looking for the styles, options, and brands that cater to the plus size woman. I have also had a few ask about plus size shapewear tips and tricks!

Not only we will cover the types, but we will break down coverage, what that type of coverage will do, and how to shop for it!

So before I get into the TYPE of shapewear, let us start with a few tips, is this okay?

Plus Size Shapewear Tips When Shopping:

✔ Know the level of control you want. Light support smooths you out while firm or extra firm “corrects.” I use the parenthesis lightly because it implies that your body is wrong. NOPE. Not that at all! Bu the level will help you to manage expectations and to help you from passing out because you cannot breathe!

Her is a little guide from ebay about the control levels!

Plus Size Shapewear: The Shapewear Control Types

✔ Know your measurements and shop your size. Each brand will have it’s own measurement chart, check it out and check it twice. Once you know your measurements, this will help you in picking out the right garment for your shape and size! I know this may sound strange, but choosing a smaller size DOES NOT WORK. I mean, it may for two seconds, but then what happens? You cannot breathe, it rolls down, it falls apart after a wear or two, and then you are back at square one.

✔ Know the area you want to work with. A lot of times, we will buy shapewear thinking it is a catch all to the areas we are looking to manage. Not always. Wearing thigh shapers may not necessarily help with the belly and wearing a shaper slip may not give you the coverage level you want for what you are doing. Which leads me to…

Types of Shapewear

It is sooo easy to get caught up or overwhelmed in the various types of shapewear. I mean it is like they come out with new pieces every week! But rather than going over EVERY single one, I wanted to address a few basics to know and what they target!

Types of Plus Size Shapewear

Featured Photo from The Lingerie Addict

The Full Body

Plus Size Shapewear: Magisculpt Full Coverage Shaper

From Simply Be

Think shaper slips, full body shapewear, that covers EVERYYYYTHING. Full body shapers include bra straps, sometimes including or allowing for your own bra, these come down to the knee area. If you are looking for the most coverage, the full body shaper is your shapewear! Now there are strapless shapewear dress options with light to medium coverage! This one is my favorite!

The Tank or Camisole

Plus Size Shapewear: WYOB Dream Torsette

From Avenue

Perfect for when you are rocking that fitted top, I layer these in the winter seasons, but these shaper tanks and camisoles smooth out bra lines and can nip the waist and sometimes control the tummy, from what I have tested out! Sometimes, these tanks have bra cutouts, allowing for you to rock your own bras and these camis can at times provide an extra lift to the girls!

The Briefs or Shorts

Plus Size Shapewear: Easy Up Easy Down Firm Brief

From Avenue

These are my faves. I have so many in a variety of shaping levels and styles. Whether panties or boy shorts or a bit longer, these provide extra support to the bum and tummy. Think no panty lines, smooth lines, and tummy control. I prefer these in the higher waist style.

The All In One Shaper (Girdle) or Shaper Slips

Plus Size Shapewear: Spanx Higher Power Shaper

From Lane Bryant 

Think of this as the Spanx ‘Higher Power’ shapers. These types come up under the bust, bring in the waist, firm up the tummy, and can smooth the thigh. While there is the classic skirt style, there are varying types to suit your level of coverage, support, or function.

The Waist Cincher or Snatcher

Plus Size Shapewear: Squeem Waist Cincher

From Eloquii

I am new to this one. My homegirl introduced me to this last year. Just as it sounds, this shapewear piece hits right under the bra and hits at the lower tummy. With a hook and eye closure for some, this puppy snatched the waist in like no other! I cannot rock this longer than a few hours, because of its level of control, but it does its job!

Check out the other plus size shapewear posts here!

This is just a loose guide to play with, one to help answer a few questions that had been asked on the Facebook page! I pay attention! There are tons of shapewear posts on the blog about shapewear, where to shop, and more tips!

Where do you shop for plus size shapewear? Did this help you out a bit? What type of shapewear do you LIVE for?  I want to know!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. Love the article, so much information! I really like how the shapewear can give you a hourglass shape- which looks great under tighter clothes.

  2. I’m addicted to Rago, and I don’t want help! Shapewear doesn’t HAVE to look utilitarian. I love the sexy look and feel of the Rago retro-style garments, and I’ve found them comfortable while being firm. The key thing is to buy your correct size. Don’t be tempted to go a size smaller, it doesn’t work that way!

  3. I love love love Janira lingerie Shapewear. I find that it does not roll down at all because they put silicone on the hemlines. I don’t think I would ever go without my silueta for any event. has started to sell them to the US and I’m tempted to buy them all.

  4. I have a wedding to go to and my dress isn’t tight, I just want my tummy, hips back etc to be smooth. My concern about the slip is that it will rise. What’s everyone’s experience with slips?

  5. I was involved in a car accident that severely twisted my back up. I really love the ‘cinched up’ look corsets give – however, I have to be able to move with some ease, (as I walk with a limp). What would you suggest I use for control of my tummy? (I cannot physically do full sit-ups to help with weight loss, so I would like to train my waist to be more hourglass – if possible). Should I get a 3x for that? (I currently wear a size 9 (2x) briefs.
    Thank you for your help!

  6. This article is so helpful for ladies of all sizes, not just plus sized because of all the condensed information you added! I did not know there were this many types of shapewear available for full figured ladies, and they look so good too. Sometimes when you’re looking for shapewear, there’s only boring looking items in the stores, but now I know what to look for and what will really work. Besides that, the way you described the different types of control is something I really needed in my life. So many options, now it’s time for me to go find some for myself!

  7. Hi I am 59 yrs of age and have a wedding coming up I have a problem with my bra line and underneath my bust an tummy can you suggest the best control underwear for me pl
    regards Vanessa

  8. Thank you for including such a perfect diagram of the different types of shapewear you can buy! I absolutely loved how you used the two different colors to indicate how each supports and enhances the body. My cousin is getting married and has been requesting some body shaping clothes for her honeymoon. This diagram is definitely going to help me choose what type I should order for her.

  9. I bought a pair from Spanx and it is amazing however their selection is kinda pricey. So i found this site, and they have a variety of different shapewear that aren’t too expensive.

  10. Hi,

    Really nice article! Thank you! HookedUp Shapewear designed shapewear that is hooked to your bra that way it prevents rolling down and muffin tops.

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