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Sweater Wars: The Best Fall Sweaters That Won’t Add Bulk To Your Figure

Sweater Wars: The Best Fall Sweaters That Won’t Add Bulk To Your Figure

There are few garments as warm, inviting and subtly sexy as a cozy sweater. It is practically one of the staples of the fall season uniform. However, as a plus size woman you may have a bit of a love/hate relationship to the sweater side of fall fashion because it can be challenging to find styles that flatter your figure.

Actually, there are many sweaters that make plus size figures look amazing without adding unnecessary bulk to your frame or giving you the appearance of looking shapeless. Since a majority of sweaters are oversized to enhance their comfy appeal, as a plus size woman you may want to opt for styles that are the exact opposite. Those that are fitted to the body, skimming the figure, are ideal if you don’t want to look like you’re drowning in tons of unnecessary fabric.

To set you on the right path to finding the best sweater to make you look (and feel) fabulous, we’ve put together a small yet efficient collection of styles that are equally trendy, flattering and, most of all, as comfortable as can be. Enjoy Ladies!

The Best Fall Sweaters That Won’t Add Bulk To Your Figure

ASOS: Urban Bliss Plus Fitted Wrap Back Sweater

ASOS Urban Bliss knot-back sweater
Photo courtesy of ASOS

One of the best elements of fashion is the element of surprise…and this incredibly sexy sweater has the perfect touch. From the front it’s a pretty, fitted sweater that can be paired with a variety of things. However, the back is an absolute showstopper courtesy of a wrap detail that shows just enough skin to heat up those chilly autumn nights. $45.

Check it out at


Macy’s: Charter Club Animal Print Cashmere Sweater

Macy's cashmere sweater
Photo courtesy of Macy’s

Let’s be perfectly honest, there is always room in your wardrobe for animal print. Regardless of the season, animal print is always chic…and always welcomed. Take this stunning animal print cashmere sweater that skims the body, for example. $169.

Check it out at Macy’


Torrid: Purple Cable Knit Open Shoulder Tunic

Torrid purple cable sweater
Photo courtesy of Torrid

A little décolletage and shoulders is one of the sexiest ways to show off the beauty of a woman without doing too much. Featuring an open neckline and a cold-shoulder detail, this sweater proves that you can still turn up the heat even when the temps begin to drop. $55.

Check it out at


ModCloth: ModCloth x Collectif Sweetness and Sass Short Sleeve Sweater

Modcloth + Collectif Sweetness and Sass sweater
Photo courtesy of Modcloth

A common issue with many sweater styles is that they are so covered up. Sure, their purpose is to provide warmth, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a few sexy details to show a little skin. The ultra-feminine keyhole neckline on this style is what sweater dreams are made of.  $49.

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Maurice’s: Plus Size Geo Colorblock Pullover

Maurice's colorblock sweater
Photo courtesy of Maurice’s

Fashion has always been an expert way to create illusions to your figure and implementing color-blocking is arguably one of the best ways to do it. This sweater creates the illusion of a flatter tummy and defined waist, simply by placing color-blocking detailing in key areas. $39.

Check it out at Maurice’


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Avenue: Cinched Front Rib Sweater

Avenue cinched sweater
Photo courtesy of Avenue

When you have an oversized top that’s just a little too big to be completely flattering, the quickest fix is to tie it up and cinch your waist. Well, that option isn’t exactly appropriate for a sweater…until now. The cinch detail at the bottom of this sweater is another way to enhance a plus size figure while wearing the sweater of your choice. $50.

Check it out at


City Chic: Eyelet Sleeve Sweater

Any true fashionista knows that details can make or break a garment and also provide the right amount of personality. Practically dripping in comfort and punctuated with chic detailing, this sweater should maintain a space in your fall fashion closet for years to come. $85.

Check it out at

See, you can maintain your sexy through Fall and Winter while keeping cozy in these, and other, curve-hugging styles.

Where do you get your sexy sweaters? What details do you want in a sweater that still shows off your curves? 

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