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An Exclusive Interview with Mary Lambert

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Beauty. Sass. Brains. Skill. Strength. Charisma. Wit. Charm.

Interview with Mary Lambert on The Curvy Fashionista


I could keep going on, and I am sure that you are feeling the same way about this woman, Mary Lambert, who has all of us spellbound and inspired by both her voice and her story. Not letting life and its tribulations shake her, Mary has bravely chased after her dreams and has not looked back. And us here at The Curvy Fashionista love ALL of what she stands for.

So when I had the chance to interview her and ask more than a few questions… you better believe I was hyped! I mean… I love hold BOLD, Unapologetic, and PROUD she is. As a plus size woman. As an advocate for gay and lesbian rights. As a woman living life.

I am completely enamored by Mary Lambert and You should too. Take a read to learn more and see why!!!

An Exclusive Interview with Mary Lambert

OMG. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Let’s start with fashion… How would you describe your fashion style?  Is fashion an important thing to you?

Mary Lambert: Definitely. I think every woman deserves to feel sexy and comfortable at any size. I love a good pair of skinny jeans; I like anything that accentuates my curves and makes my butt look good!

How do you feel about the state of plus-size fashion right now?

ML: I think the fashion industry is in a shift. I think that we will be seeing more plus size women on the runway and more designers embracing all bodies.  It may be a naive thought but I think things are changing.

Mary. The Badgley Mischka dress you wore to the VMAs was gorgeous! Yes, ma’am! Who are your fashion inspirations?

ML: I am inspired by classic looks and flattering silhouettes. The name of the designer does not really matter much to me, but how I feel in a dress is what I care most about.

Mary Lambert 2013 VMAs in Badgley Mischka

source: US Magazine

Okay, okay! I can get with that! Speaking of the VMAs, congratulations on the success of Same Love and your VMA award! Such an inspiring song! What has been the best part of this amazing experience thus far?

ML:  The best part of the experience has to be the human element of it – meeting fans who this song directly affects!

Speaking of which, you and Macklemore are both from Seattle. Did you know him growing up? How did your paths cross and the “Same Love” song collaboration come about?

ML: I met Ben and Ryan the day we recorded the song.  A mutual friend suggested me as a collaborator and it felt like all the pieces fell in the right place. I was so honored to be on the song not because the song was well crafted but because this song is my story!

Talk about perfect timing! Okay, asides from this song, which of your songs is your favorite to perform?

ML: Tough to choose – like picking a favorite child!  I love performing “Body Love” because it has become a mantra for me. I love being able to talk openly about body image and hopefully impacting people in that process.

And that you have! You have been such an inspiration to us and to your fans. Your songs have been known to have full audiences crying. What inspires you?

ML: I am inspired by human connection. The stories that people want to share and the idea that music has the capability to impact an entire generation.

Dammit, yes! Okay, okay, okay… You are such a great singer and songwriter. Do you find it hard to be so deeply personal and vulnerable in your songs and to really let people in on your struggles? Or does it come naturally to you to be so open?

ML: I do not know any other way to operate. I have always been someone that speaks my mind and is firm in who I am. I think vulnerability is the key to human connection and something I am passionate about. I think vulnerability can save the world.

Ha! You better say that! Now, speaking about vulnerability- especially as an openly gay woman, have you experienced obstacles in the music industry? If so, how have you overcome them?

ML: I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by an incredible community of loving, accepting individuals who are supportive of me and my music. I think it matters who you surround yourself with and how firm you are in your artistic identity. That is not to say that gender inequality isn’t something I do not face or that other woman do not face, but we are entering a new age and I’m proud to be standing up for who I am!

I read on Shewired that you decided to star in your “She Keeps Me Warm” video to show plus-size women are sexy. Kudos to you for that! Do you feel a need to be a champion for plus-size women and change some misconceptions- BTW we love you for this!?

ML: I think that it is inevitable that due to my outspokenness and strong opinions I will undoubtedly be a voice for plus size woman. I do not do it purposefully, but the bottom line is that I am not ashamed of who I am, what I look like or who I love and I will never apologize any of those things.

 (See why we love her? She kicks ass)

Okay switching gears a bit… You won the Seattle Grand Slam poetry competition in 2011. That’s awesome! How did you get into doing poetry slams?

ML: I stumbled on to several YouTube videos of spoken word artists moving an entire room with just their voice – there is something innately raw and vulnerable about one single person standing in a room full of people baring their soul as well as their craft. As soon as I saw that I knew it was something I wanted to do; I wanted to impact people in that way.

Tell us about this find. You have a book of poetry called “500 Tips for Fat Girls”. What is this and where can we get this?

ML: The poetry collection does not actually contain tips for fat girls or anyone for that matter. If I had an advice book it would involve dancing in your underwear to Robyn and drinking five margaritas in a row which is not to be advised. The collection of poetry is a vulnerable reflection of my past trauma, struggles and loves. You can get it at my webstore here! 

Interview With Mary Lambert on The Curvy Fashionista


Some say being plus-size is one of the last forms of discrimination that is still openly acceptable. Especially being in a body conscious industry. Your songs speak to your personal struggles with yourself and your body growing up. How have you been able to keep a positive body image and keep that confidence now?

ML: I think positive self-talk is one of the most powerful things a person can practice. That is not to say I do not have bad body days or mean people in my head, but I know the kind of person I want to be and that person is a confident, sexy and strong individual.

I kind of want to scream preach to you! Okay… so then tell us, what advice would you give plus-size women who may be struggling to find that inner confidence to look and feel sexy?

ML: Wear what makes you feel good! Being uncomfortable in a dress is transparent – if you feel good, you have already won. Find your own identity as a fashionista and own it.

Boom. There you have it! Okay, so where can we stalk you? Do you blog? Tell us everywhere we can find you!

ML: You can find me on my website, Mary Lambert Sings, on Twitter at @marylabertsing, on Facebook at Mary Lambert Sings, oh and on Instagram too, at Mary Lambert Sing!

THANK YOU SOOOO Much Mary!!! You Rock Our Socks!!!

Interview with Mary Lambert  on The Curvy Fashionista

source: Mary Lambert’s FB page

Make sure you pick up her album, Welcome to the Age of My Body!

On her album, Mary shares on her website:

“It’s important for me to be completely and totally open,” Lambert says. To that end, Welcome To The Age Of My Body features the dark, desperate “Sarasvati,” which Lambert says she hopes “sparks people’s ability to be vulnerable and say, ‘Yeah, there have been times when I’ve thought about killing myself, too. Maybe I can talk about it.’” The EP is bookended with two versions of a partially spoken-word piece set to skittering rhythms and electronic textures called “Body Love.” Part 1 is aggressively critical about the self-destructive side of negative body image, while Part 2 comes from a softer place of acceptance. “You are no less valuable as a size 16 than a size 4,” she declares.

See why this woman rocks? Yes. Yes. And YES. Are you a fan?

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