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Dove Beauty Bar Facials +Girl Chat = My Kind of Saturday!

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I’m excited have partnered with Dove this past Saturday to have a girls day in! Because we need those every once in awhile right? What’s better than brunching with your girls? A relaxing day of Dove Beauty Bar facials, catching up, and of course food!

We started the day off with brunch provided by Chef Devi and caught up on the latest in social media gossip. And of course you know we had to talk about the latest and greatest on tv! So many shows, so much to watch and talk about, but so little time lol!

Dove Beauty Bars. Girl Chat. My Kind of Saturday.

Then came time for our facials! Did you know that Dove Beauty Bars are the #1 cleansing bar recommended by dermatologists? I had no idea! Having not tried Dove as a facial cleanser before, I was curious to see how well it would do. As I approach the other side of 35, I have been looking for a regimen that would hook my skin up and with the promise that the Dove Beauty Bar will provide “soft, smooth, healthy-looking skin in 7 days,” I was up for this challenge!  And when you pair this with a facial? Girl, I was super excited to finally try the Dove Beauty Bar for myself!

Dove Beauty Bars. Girl Chat. My Kind of Saturday.

I opted for the exfoliating Dove Beauty Bar, because… exfoliation is a must for me. This facial was EVERYTHING! While the Beauty Bar definitely exfoliated my skin, it wasn’t a rough sandy feeling. My skin felt soft, supple, smooth and moisturized! WHO KNEW! The Dove Beauty Bars all have 1/4 moisturizer added into them providing more radiant skin vs. ordinary soap, and girl, I could IMMEDIATELY tell the difference. We were walking around my house, feeling each other’s faces… we were all impressed! I see why they share that the “Dove Beauty Bar provides superior care that other premium cleansing soap bars do not,” my skin felt amaaaaaaazing immediately!

Just from Saturday’s facial I could see and feel an immediate difference in my skin. I had no idea that ordinary soap and even premium cleansing soap bars could strip skin of its essential nutrients! Here, I thought I was doing something and that my  skin was supposed to feel taut! Ha!

I’m going to use the Beauty Bars for 7 days to test which ones I like best, but if my skin can stay as amazing as it felt right after my facial, I am here for adding them into my skin care routine!

Have you or do you use the Dove Beauty Bar? I know I am not alone here!

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