His Style: Here Are Some Big & Tall Influencers To Know

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The summer is over, some of us are trying to hold on, let me tell you, it was a rough summer for me. But, life goes on and the work must continue! And much love to The Curvy Fashionista for this opportunity.

With the recent rise of men of size using their voices to highlight their experiences and speak to common themes among the men, the big and tall/plus male community is growing. More and more men are stepping forward and adding our unique perspectives to the conversation of size acceptance, body diversity, and body positivity.

To be honest, I am here for it!

Kavah King of The Gentlemans Curb
Kavah King of The Gentlemans Curb

For years, women have been at the forefront of the battle by using their voices to fight for size equality in many different areas. As a man, I will publicly admit that we owe them so much. Without your courage and diligence, the topic of size inclusion and size advocacy would most likely be in a different space.

We might be wearing only polos and khakis again!

I am exaggerating, men of size have always had style. But, women made greater strides towards fashion inclusion.

We thank you and appreciate you for all of the work that you all have done.

The Gentlemen’s Curb pictured with Lord Parchment and Ady DeValle
The Gentlemen’s Curb pictured with Lord Parchment and Ady DeValle

Now, men have an opportunity to share to not only share their experiences, but to show that “style has no size.” As larger men, we all have different body types and there isn’t a body type that is standard across the board.

It’s truly beautiful to be in a space where there are men of size that aren’t afraid to show their uniqueness in fashion.

So, if you are looking for some Big & Tall male fashion inspiration, there are more than a few to follow on Instagram…

Here are 20 big and tall male models and influencers to know on IG:

  1. Rah Mosley

  2. Sabas Whittaker


  3.  Ralphy Lopez 


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  4. Tee J Nichols


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  5. Andre Byrd


  6. Tony Nativ 


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  7. AJ 


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  8. Elijah Scott


  9.   Kyle Andrew


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  10.  Miguel Rodriguez

  11.  Ben Whit


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    This place was just breath taking

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  12. Frank Uptown

  13. Joshua Cruz



  14. Lance Franklin


  15. Filiberto Morelos



  16. Rob Robinson


  17.  Marv Neal


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  18. Destin of The Public Ivy League



  19. Trey 


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20. Last but not least and a shameless plug for myself, Kavah King of The Gentlemen’s Curb 


Who are your favorite Big & Tall Influencers from Instagram?

What do you think of the article? Did we forget to add anyone? Who are some of the models/influencers that you look forward to seeing?

Let Us Know!

Leave a comment or email [email protected] 

For more on topics that deal with men of size, check out The Gentlemen’s Curb a lifestyle blog where fashion meets fitness in a BIG way! Until next time!

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Written by Kavah King

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