Before the Make Up…

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This year, I turn 30.


A new chapter in my life, where from what I hear, as a woman we come into our own! Adopting certain habits, changing lifestyles, and a place where we become completely comfortable in our skin. But before any of that can happen, I am at a place where I am terribly worried about how I look- before the makeup. Life’s tale-tell signs of care or lack thereof… I worry.

See, as a child, I grew up on the island of Okinawa and Hawaii exposing my body to the dangerous rays of the warm and beautiful sun to the extent of sun damage now plaguing my eyes!  I only found THIS out like 6 years ago! Afraid of the effects on my skin, I went IN on SPF!

In addition to SPF, cause yes- women of color NEED this TOO, I began stepping up my skin care regimen. Oily skin, prone to breakouts, stress-related irritation, waxing scars, PMS- you name it, my face and chest has endured.

Given that (what I was told and understand) our skin changes every 7 years or so, I noticed that my skin was not taking to the cleansers, washes, and moisturizers as before and nervous, I wanted to ensure that I put my best face forward BEFORE the makeup!


I have been fortunate, as a blogger to receive products to try and test… and through trial and tribulations, I FINALLY have a regimen that works for ME!

This is what my regimen looks like:

Thermaderm Skin Renewal System

First of all, a special thank you to Romy Raves who hosted F2FLA beauty event because I was introduced to Therapon Skin care and I fell in love! Immediately this facial wash set calmed my overly active skin! My skin instantly felt smoother, brighter, and I could feel a gentle tingle with use!


No overdrying, no crazy opposite reactions, I am in love!  Here is what I use:

  • Cleansing Wash
  • Fruit Acid Exfoliant
  • Enriched Facial Moisturizer
  • Gentle Action Application Pads


SkinCeuticals Blemish and Age DefenseLianne hosted a fabulous dinner for a hand selected few for a special SkinCeuticals dinner where we learned about a product that was Anti aging AND blemish control all in one! Most products give one or another but THIS is giving me hopeful life! Rather than me having to heavily rely upon concealer and foundation- I hope clear skies are ahead for me! With just a week of usage… I am excited! Giving me a renewed hope are:

The Mia Clarisonic

I JUST got this a few days ago and quickly switched out my wash cloth for this handy dandy Christmas wish list item- The Clarisonic Mia! GEEKED!!!! Softer, smoother, and the feel against my skin… I am quite giddy and while it’s still too early to gage its effects!

So now that I have shared my skin care regimen,

Tell me, what do you use??

Have you recently changed your regimen as you get… better with age?  Are you one who uses specialized products or just soap?

I want to know!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. Am 32 and my favorite go to product would be Purity face cleanser and Hope in a jar been using them forever i also take my vitamin’s and drink crazy protein drinks like ginger root and orange just i take vitamin b12 shots to. On another note welcome to the world of 30 =] your right it is a new chapter and one i personally have really enjoyed … TGIF and have a blesses weekend

  2. I’m still in my early 20s but have spent over half those years battling acne. I tried Neutrogena, Noxzema, Clean & Clear… nothing. I even tried that whole Proactiv system for 2 years with no results. So finally, I went clinical. Saw a dermatologist who has started on tetracycline pills as well as a solution for when I had active acne and creams for my blemishes. I was only on the pills for a few months, if I remember correctly, but am still using the solution and the creams and they work great. My skin is considerably calmer than it used to be and when it does act up it’s much more controllable.

    My face wash and moisturisers are over the counter though. I wash with Spectro Jel for blemish-prone skin. It’s gentle on my skin, doesn’t dry it out, but it definitely leaves it feeling clean. And for my moisturizer I use M.A.C.’s oil controlling moisturizer on my t-zone and then Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 15. I love it because it’s Oil Free and because of the light diffusers. I sometimes look like I’m wearing shimmery foundation even when I’m not! Pretty cool.

    (Spectro Jel)
    (Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturiser)
    (M.A.C oil control moisturiser)

  3. You know what, THANK YOU Angelique for sharing!!! I have never heard of Spectro Jel… hmmmm… lol
    MAC Oil control Moisturizer… another one I have not tried! I used to use Aveeno, quite a lot- but when my skin started not reacting to it, I had to change!!!! Thank you soo much!

  4. I am 43 and finally had to up my skin routine from ivory and go about 2 years ago. After a spa visit I started using Dermalogica – and the results have been phenomenal. I use the special cleaning gel 2x day, Daily Microfoliant (this stuff is AWESOME – gentle exfoliant that actually works without killing your skin- it has truly EARNED all the beauty editor raves), multivitamin power concentrate and age specific eye treatment, when extra dry I add skin smoother. I also have been loving my Clarisonic, it also earns all the raves. All in all this stuff is pretty pricey, but the results have been well worth it.

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