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What’s Up With Aluminum In Deodorant? A Dermatologist Breaks Down Fact From Fiction!

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Having knowledge of what you’re using on your body is important, especially when it comes to something used as often as deodorant. That being said, when I discovered Dove’s new 0% Aluminum deodorant, I got curious. What’s the deal with aluminum in deodorant—and with so many options of deodorant to choose from, does aluminum-free really make a difference?

There are so many brands and so many formulations of deodorant and antiperspirant available. We are left to wonder how much of our concern over ingredients is rooted in fact versus fear-mongering? So we went looking for a few answers.Do you have the same concerns and questions that we had? You know like… Is it toxic? Does it cause breast cancer? I know you are just as curious, too! And guess what? We got a few answers!

Dove connected me to Dr. Mercedes Gonzalez, a dermatologist based in Miami, to get some things squared away about aluminum. Read on for the real deal from an expert:

Aluminum Free Deodorant? We Seek out What Should REALLY Matter

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Image via Canva

What is aluminum and what properties does it add to deodorant?

Dr. Mercedes Gonzalez: Aluminum is an element that is found in antiperspirants, not deodorants. Both words are often used interchangeably and while both protect against body odor, antiperspirants with aluminum help to keep you dry by controlling the flow of sweat to avoid the feeling of wetness under your arms. Deodorants, on the other hand, do not use aluminum and rely instead on other ingredients to help you feel fresh and combat odor throughout the day.

Dove aluminum free deodorant
Photo courtesy of Dove

Read more about the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants at

What’s fact from fiction about aluminum in personal care products? Does it really cause breast cancer?

Dr. Gonzalez: There are a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding aluminum in beauty products. I think people read reports that are not backed by true medical or scientific expert research, and they believe it. Aluminum is found everywhere in our environment. It is really nearly impossible to completely avoid exposure to it.

According to the Personal Care Products Council, and the leading independent cosmetics trade organization, the overwhelming mass of toxicity data available does not indicate any risk of harmful effects from using antiperspirants that contain aluminum or link to breast cancer. So aluminum from antiperspirants are considered safe.

So why did Dove decide to provide an aluminum-free option of its deodorant?

Dr. Gonzalez: Dove is a brand that always looks to please their consumers and basically, this was something they didn’t have in their current portfolio. So they decided to create a deodorant called Dove 0% Aluminum with 0% aluminum and 0% alcohol to cater to all women. So those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or just more conscious of the ingredients going into their beauty products can have something to use.

What should people consider in terms of health, safety and hygiene when looking for ingredients in their deodorant?

Dr. Gonzalez: A good rule of thumb is to always read the label, that way you can see what ingredients you may be more sensitive or allergic to. In general products that contain a lot of “alcohols” can be irritating. If an allergy to a beauty product is suspected, the best way to find out what is causing it is by having a test called patch testing.

Now that you’ve more insight into the world of aluminum as an ingredient, do you think you’ll be able to rest a bit easier when you’re shopping for your smell goods? Obviously, it depends on what type of deodorant person you are. As we know, some people are all about the crystals, some people want ingredients that are as basic as possible, some people may not think about ingredients at all, and other people may just go with the flow.

Again, it all depends on the choice you wish make but a little education ain’t never hurt nobody! 

What is YOUR opinion on deodorant? What is your experience with aluminum free deodorants? Have you tried these new products from Dove?

We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments!

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