6 Petite Plus Size Work Options for Spring

6 Petite Plus Work Options for Spring

Spring has officially sprung!   If you’re anything like me, the warm weather and sunshine makes you happy, but then you’re faced with questions about what to wear to work.  Air-conditioned offices often have us reaching for sweaters and jackets, but increasingly warm weather outside makes us crave … [Read more...]

7 Petite Plus Fashion Rules to Break NOW

7 Petite Plus Size Rules to Break on The Curvy Fashionista

As a petite and curvy woman who has been interested in fashion all of my life, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time poring over fashion magazines.  If you’ve ever read a fashion magazine or even watched “What Not to Wear,” then you know that “rules” abound for creating the most flattering … [Read more...]

With Plus Size Options Comes Better Segmentation- An Explanation

With Plus Size Options Comes Segmentation

Plus Size Options, we have them. I have been wanting to revisit this topic for a while now. As I share more designers and brands, one of the biggest and loudest comments I see is about cost and the prices of these garments. As fashion and plus size evolve, so do the idiosyncrasies and nuances of … [Read more...]

Show Me, Style Me: One Pair of (Plus Size Skinny Ankle) Jeans, Five Looks

show me style me Torrid Stiletto Jeans

Plus size skinny ankle jeans. I have heard many times, that a plus size woman cannot wear them, and they are not for us... PSHAW. As we have introduced this new segment, I wanted to give you a new outlet to see how you can style items in your closet for whatever the occasion, but more importantly … [Read more...]

Tall and Plus Size: 16 Places to Shop and more!

tall and plus size places to shop

No sooner did I post about where to shop if you are Petite Plus Size, did I hear the outcry and plea of those who are vertically blessed and plus sized! So hastily I ran to the nets to check, check, and double check the resources I have for YOU the Plus size and Tall Curvy Fashionistas! So I … [Read more...]

Plus Size Shopping: Before, During, and After You Shop- A Roundup

Plus Size Shopping Tips | The Curvy Fashionista

So you are exploring what there is in plus size fashion. You have hit a wall or are tired with your usual go to spots. In your mind, there are no resources, yet you constantly see plus size women making it twerk, owning all their plus size glory. Well, have no fear I am here to help you out. You … [Read more...]

Style Q&A: Stylishly 50, Plus Size, and What to Wear to Work

Style Q and A- 50 Plus Size and What to Wear to Work

 Plus Size Wear to Work Options Hello Marie, I just started following your blog and I saw you on Ricki Lake. I absolutely love your fashion sense and body acceptance philosophy. Plus you are gorgeous!. In your video you indicated that you might welcome topic suggestions. As a plus size … [Read more...]

Style Q&A: Blazers- How to Wear and More

Style Q&A Blazers and How to Wear them

 How to wear Plus Size Blazers: Hi Marie - First, let me say, I love your blog.  I have a question regarding blazers.  For Christmas, I received 2 fairly "suity" blazers - one in a charcoal grey and the other in basic black. I have two challenges with blazers:  the first is that my company is … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: Nation LTD Verona Dress

Nation LTD Plus Size Verona Dress

I have a dress from Nation Ltd. I live in it around the house and when I am running around town. In the summer, it saves my life. I had been anticipating the latest from them and when I saw this dress, especially in this dark teal color, immediately I knew this will be in my closet. (I Have too much … [Read more...]