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New Video! How I Rock It: Two pieces- Four Ways!

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I loathe being able to only wear an item multiple ways. If it only has one way to rock it? Then I barely wear it… however, when I do get items I love- I know its love when I can already imagine the various ways I can rock it- such is the case with these Viola shirtdress and Vagar pants from contemporary plus size brand, CarmaKoma.

You see, I saw it here:

And immediately, I had ideas… and rather than show images, I thought… why not a video? I mean… who loves a great suit or set that you can rock more than one way? In this case, with this CarmaKoma look, I found four ways to rock it and I am in love! Do not be surprised if you see looks from this video being copied more than a few ways! Hehehehe

Marie Denee in Carmakoma pantsuit So, let me break down the look for you!

As a Suit

Marie Denee in Carmakoma pantsuit I feel so vacation glam in this. Feeling like money… I feel grown and sexy in this look! How much fun is this?!

Just the Shirtdress

Marie Denee in Carmakoma pantsuitYou can never go wrong in a shirtdress and this one has two options for tying it behind or in front of you!

Just the Pants

Marie Denee in Carmakoma pantsuitA great pair of wide leg pants works perfectly for the spring into the summer. Paired with my Bardot off the shoulder top from Simply Be, this look is sooooo playful. Flirty and elevated!

As a Duster

Marie Denee in Carmakoma pantsuitGirl… why not? Looking for a fun way to inject color? This one can offer more than a few ways to wear it! AND I am here for it!


Which look is your favorite?

How would you feel the most comfortable rocking this look?Marie Denee in Carmakoma pantsuit

You can shop this collection at!

Marie Denee in Carmakoma pantsuit

I am wearing a medium in both- a US size 18 and they fit me amazingly! They carry up through a 24 and they do ship internationally- for my girls NOT in the US.

I already know that these items will last and live in my closet for a loooooong time. I have no plans on getting rid of this set- at all.

*bops shoulders in excitement*

What do you think about my look? How would you rock this and make it yours? Let’s chat!

Special shout out to my photographer, Chase Reign and my videographer, JNicoleDidIt!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. Love, love, love! I really like all the ways that you styled this, Hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to choose…I’d say it’s a tie wearing it as a shirt dress tied off to the side (thanks for that styling tip, btw), and as a duster. I would love to pair this with a pair of leather leggings, some fundy heels, and partly open like you did in the first look. Rock on Ms. Lady!

  2. Oh, Marie
    You know I love them all but if I have tp pick it would be as a suit. You look good in all of the styles. Wish I could rock my clothes like you do. Keep on stylin girl!!!!

  3. Love it! It’s on my purchase list. Personally, I’m feeling the shirtdress & pants separately. They look very comfy! Well, on second thought. I’m rocking the suit too!?

  4. I would rock that as a duster with either skinny jeans or jeggings and a tank top… although a crop top would be BOMB!! You look gorgeous in all of the outfits though.

  5. I bought both pieces AND a the “chloe” jumpsuit… A little pricey BUT GIRLS TOTALLY WORTH IT! I am a true curvy pear shape.. small waist and very full hips and booty. This outfit delivers a certain look that screams MONEY BAYBEE! Cool confident and made beautifully. Ms. Marie knows her business and thank you thank you thank you for the advice. Make sure you check out the jumpsuit.. it even has an adjustable waist..WHAT?!

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