5 Plus Size Thrifting Tips, Part I

Hey there! I’m happy to be back today because I get to talk about something near and dear to me – thrfting! Yes, I am a self-proclaimed thrifting aficionado and whenever I can share thrifitng tips with fellow thrifters or newbie thrifters, I’m a happy girl! I’m really excited to share my tips and thoughts on how to thrift as a plus size shopper. But before I get into those specifics, I think understanding how to thrift is important.

5 Plus Size Thrifting Tips on The Curvy Fashionista

So let’s get into!

Here are my 5 basic Plus Size Thrifting Tips:

  1. Have a Budget – I believe that once you have a shopping/thrifting list, your budget will help you prioritize which items are most important. 
  2. Make Time – Depending on your thrifting list and the size of the store, a thrifting trip can take anywhere from 1 to 2 1/2 hours.
  3. Pack Light – When it comes to dressing for thrift shopping, the lighter the better! Sometimes thrift stores don’t have dressing rooms so be prepared to try on items while shopping. A pair of leggings and a t-shirt are the best staples for thrift shopping. Depending on the weather, I sometimes leave my coat in the car too.
  4. Bring a Friend – Weather you’re shopping in the mall or at the thrift store, it’s always better with a friend! Bring someone who is honest, enjoyable and patient with you.  
  5. Be Patient – Ha, this should have been #1! It’s important to understand that thrifitng takes time and effort. Be prepared to go on a treasure hunt! And don’t get discouraged – in the end you’ll come out with some pretty amazing and unique pieces!

Again, it’s important to understand these thrifting basics before you head out. As an avid thrifter, I still do 1-5. It makes thrifting less stressful and much more fun! Next time, I’ll share more thrifting tips specially for plus size shoppers. Until then, take care and if you have any thrift questions, feel free to Shoot me an email!

What are some of your Thrifting Tips you share with your girls? Let us know! Sharing is Caring!

Whitney Nic James
Hi there! I'm the Life + Style blogger behind www.whitneynicjames.com. I'm also a proud plus size girl, a self-proclaimed thrifting aficionado, and a pageant sister who loves vintage fashion, random date nights with my husband, and traveling.
Whitney Nic James
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  1. Alagia Felix says

    emphasis on PATIENCE. lol…truly is a Virtue when thrifting.

    also, holiday thrifting may yield a happier you. Sales, at a thrift store…..nothing better!

  2. Bianca K. Vaccarini says

    Try everything on. Sizing has changed so much over the past 20 or so years. Even if you aren’t a Medium or a Large, if it looks like it may fit…try it on!

  3. says

    Great tips. I prefer to go solo so I can take my time and I don’t usually try on anything and don’t just shop the marked sizes as you can find hidden treasures all throughout the racks.

  4. thirties girl says

    I’ve given SOOOO many of my clothes away to Goodwill, I’m sure I’ve helped outfit several plus size women.


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