TCFTurns5 Giveaway: Curvy, Confident, and Chic with the City Chic UBER Giveaway

I mean. I told you this whole moth is all about THANKING YOU! Thanking YOU for staying with me, reading, supporting, and all that jazz- even if you are new to the site, thank you for visiting!

To carry on with our months of giveaways, it is a great one! Are you ready? No- are you ready???

Well, I do not know how familiar you are with Australian plus size retailer City Chic (who happens to be a sponsor for my blog anniversary party) but you need to familiarize yourself quickly with City Chic, if you do not know who or what they are!

With a great fit, classic AND playful pieces at great prices, plus size brand City Chic is doing some really cool things over here in the US! Most recently, they are now carried at Nordstrom and have revamped their US website! Well, to celebrate their milestones, we have a great AWESOME giveaway!
City Chic Giveaway

This one will have THREE winners, but to make things a bit fabulous… City Chic brought it. Let me tell you:

One winner will score $250 @City Chic

The Second Winner will score $500 @City Chic

And the Grand Prize Winner will win $1000 @City Chic!



This is holiday shopping for you, your sister, girlfriend, or…. YOUR WHOLE CLOSET if you play it right!

But yes, the grand prize winner scores $1000 to spend at CITY CHIC!

In order to enter, you have to follow these steps:

  • Fill out the form below-The more actions the more entries!
  • Make sure you do the required steps!
  • This is for those who reside in the US

Are you ready to enter?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You have ONE WEEK- until NEXT WEEK Thursday, December 19th at 11:59PM PST to enter! Good Luck!

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  • Kailah Fields

    Yes ! So excited

  • Guest

    Yes! I’m so excited! I love City Chic

  • kaikuti3

    Yes I’m so excited! I Lovee City Chic

  • kaikuti3

    I plan on getting some tops and denim :)

  • Dena Booze

    You have the best giveaways. I could really use some new clothes and City Chic would be pwrfect.

  • Shyann

    I have a ton of items on my wish list from City Chic. But at the top of my list is the Printed One Shoulder Dress, it is beautiful. i have had my eye on it since it was premiered. and you definitely cant have that dress without the Wide Metal Plate Belt (gold). I am not one for wearing complete catalog outfits but you cant have one without the other. the belt compliments the dress so well. Also, Print Pop Tank, Beaded Zebra Top, Candy Stripe Tank, Stud Collar Tunic, Sequin Love Skirt, Nautical Pencil Skirt, Pant Harem Khaki, Geometric Harem Pant, Bow Bella Jacket, Stud Biker Jacket, Rib Trim Utility Jacket, Zip Peplum Frill Jacket, Nautical Jacket, Zip Biker Jacket, Confetti Zip Waist Jacket and the Floral Bloom Jacket are all at the top of my must have list.

  • Vicky H.

    I would get the Confetti Zip jacket that I’ve had my eye on for a few months now~ I’d probably get a dress for my friend’s wedding too.

  • Sherrie Wood

    First thing i noticed was the amazing lingerie. Gotta keep the marriage sexy!

  • Rachel G

    Love that ponte skater skirt and also the floral blazer!

  • mami2jcn

    I would get the fur trim Nina jacket.

    Name on rafflecopter: Mary Happymommy

  • Kayla Pingree

    I have to admit, I have a hard time trusting bras I can’t try on. Therefore, I would most likely splurge on a few dresses (I’m going through a bit of a dress-tastic phase). Maybe I’d buy a bra to try; if it works, who knows? :)

  • Elisa

    I would definitely start with the cobalt blue peplum top and the Hourglass skinny jeans!

  • katrinah

    They have some cute peplum dresses, I have been wanting to try one! The Miss Dot one is super cute.

  • luckycharmer

    The Digital Garden dress and the Bunting dress are fab.

  • Jennifer

    How cool! I’ve never shopped City Chic before, would love to start!

  • Beverly

    They have the best dresses but that blazer looks pretty awesome. I have some of their lingerie that is great too.

  • Rachel Ann

    The kiki contour bra is to die for! I am in desperate need of some good bras.

  • Je Tuan

    I want dresses. I love them and I would splurge on that.

  • Beaulevarde

    I definitely want the Sexy Zip Trim Jacket and the Super Stud High Low Top. I lOVE City Chic ! Then I would probably splurge on my sisters, they love them too.

  • Ali Jean Ellis

    love it all!

  • Constance Jordan

    I have yet to purchase anything from CityChic but I always have have items in my cart. I love their dresses (the Printed One Shoulder Dress in my cart) and their jackets (like the Bow Bella that is also in my cart). LOL

  • Jennie

    I would like the Lux Jacquard Dress…probably will buy it soon…since I am running out of time on getting a New Year’s dress…

  • Nova Morgan

    This is amazing. I would definitely buy the Galaxy blazer and this black dress I have had my eye on.

  • kward905

    OOH – I would totally get some tunics!!!

  • Crystal C

    I would love to get a fashionable faux leather jacket, cute denim jeans and a lacey piece of lingerie.

  • mrsrony

    They have this mod tunic that I am dreaming about.!

  • Seriously Natural

    Not even sure…i want everything!!! LOL

  • Tabathia

    I like the hourglass skinny jeans and the samara waist cincher

  • CreativelyYours

    I’m obsessing of the Sequin love skirt!

  • Jessica Ip

    This is an incredible giveaway!!
    I’ve never shopped at city chic but i’ve seen some amazing things from them :)

  • sarahfina

    I want that crazy multi color sequin chevron skirt i saw recently

  • Stephanie Dickerson

    I would purchase a couple of career dresses, some really cute daytime and party tops and a sexy peplum jacket! Plus, I would share with wealth with my sister and bestie.

  • JoliPapillon

    I’m a curvy diva on a budget, so I’d use the prize to replace/revamp my work wardrobe that is quickly becoming worn out and threadbare! And I’ve heard nothing but good things about City Chic! So excited!

  • vanessa leigh

    What an amazing giveaway! I would love a chance to boost my wardrobe with some lovely underpinnings and pretty basics starting with the lingerie section! I’m mildly obsessed with the fifi sophia and giselle bras, panties, cinchers and corsets. LOVE!

  • #MadeToLove

    WOW!! This would be a godsend, as my daughter is a recent college graduate, and she could use some career pieces to build her “grown up” wardrobe. I’d love to present her with this!!

  • Denise

    Great Giveaway! I would stock up on lots of mix and match pieces to maximize my wardrobe options!

  • StillSuga

    Dresses and blazers, dresses and blazers! If I won the grand prize I would have a little bit of everything because what I’ve seen is cute, but the floral bloom blazer, the stud biker jacket, the confetti jacket, and any of the dresses really would be first on the list!

  • Kimberly Richardson

    I LOVE the dresses!!

  • Guest

    Here’s the link to my shared Facebook post:

  • Melissa Stanley

    Jeans tops bras I love these clothes

  • Bernice Mattila Garcia

    I love the Filigree Skater Dress or the dots tunic or maybe some bras.. so many cute clothes to choose!

  • Rebeca Torres-Ghostine

    I would LOVE to try some of these clothes..specially undies

  • Melissa Fox

    THE Super Stud Hi Lo Top is gorgeous, and the cute button cardi is a classic.

  • Danie

    Jeans! So many pairs of jeans, ha. I need new ones, badly.

  • Nina

    What an awesome giveaway! Congrats on your 5 years of blogging, I’m sure there will many more! I’ve never tried city chic before but if I win I would love to try them out! :)

  • Bright Eyes

    Bras, undies! And a new career wardrobe! I just received a promotion!!! :)

  • Asia

    Congrats on your 5th anniversary and to many more! Cheers! :)

  • Debra Womack

    There are so many things I’d like to get – but the first item would be the Sleeveless Peplum Top in “Poppy”. So cute!

  • Tamika Thompson

    I would love a new wardrobe for my new life in starting my professional degree!! :)

  • Frances

    Um what wouldn’t I wear from City Chic everything on the website is Gorg. If I was to win I would just buy things for me and my mom since we got this lil vacay (vacation) coming up.

  • Jennifer Winn

    I constantly fawn over everything on City Chic’s site! I’d update my wardrobe with dresses, leggings and tops to bring in my 30′s as I’m just a month away from that big milestone birthday!

  • Margery Jones

    A new city chic look for me.

  • Plussie Galore

    oooo I LOVE the bra and panty set in that photo!

  • Yesenia Simone Shuman

    If I won one of the gift cards, I’d definitely spend it on some new jeans, and I’d get at least one pair of the harem pants. They’re so cute, and it’s so hard to find harem pants in my size!

  • Eeka Christin

    I love city chic jackets and blazers! Would definitely grab some of those and the pleated zip front tunics look super cute!

  • Tracy G

    I love their bubble hem camis!

  • ktdid

    Oh man I need a whole new wardrobe and this would totally do it for me. I have lost 100 pounds in the past 18 months so nothing I own fits and clothes are expensive!

  • Luna Raven

    I love City Chic, I got bars from them last year and they are so good! Will absolutely be buying from them again and again!

  • Pam O

    I love the

  • Rebecca

    Lots of dresses! (this is my required comment)

  • Violet

    I would love to give it as a gift to my mom :)

  • Nora Harris

    I would definitely do a mom and daughter plus size style post on my blog if I won a gift card

  • katiechaos

    This is great! My mum and I love this shop.

  • Elizabeth

    My whole closet Plus A Dollar! I love City Chic!

  • Gwen Menz

    count me in, I’d love it!

  • Skole Skab

    Bras, starting with the Savoy!

  • Lauren O.

    I would buy a new bra set because it is hard to find them anywhere around here. I love the Kiki Contour Bra.

  • Caitlyn Bradford

    My mom always tells me that she doesn’t feel comfortable in any plus size clothing because it’s not very flattering, and let’s be real, most department store type clothes are inconsiderately unflattering. She is so selfless and does so much for me every day and she deserves to feel beautiful in her clothing, so I would LOVE to get her some of these wonderful stylish clothes. If I get anything for myself, I’d be all for some pants that fit my ass and thighs without making me look like I’m composed of packing peanuts. ALL of my junk is stored in my trunk.

  • DeeG131

    I would get the Oriental Flocked Skater Dress. Truly love that dress. It’s nice to see so many great options for curvy ladies! :)

  • Heather

    JEANS!!! Wide leg, boot cut! Belts, panties, leggings, bras. Whooooot!

  • Jannet

    I’s get a dress I can wear to almost any occasion! A blazer that goes with my current work clothes (the floral blazer looks amazing!). A pair of skinny jeans in blue and black, and then lingerie

  • Sharon Huxford

    The Gemstone pleat maxi dress,Flocked animal skater dress,St Tropez Tankini top,Knit tie dye caftan and Printed one should dress. Thank you!!

  • Whitley Brooks

    I would get a little of everything because I need it, but definitely some dresses and tops.

  • AmandaSakovitz

    I would get some tops and jeans!

  • jessincincy

    I would start with the Grey Side Stripe skinnies, grab a killer dress for Valentines Day, and stock up on pretty bras and panties!

  • Anissa Garland

    I would get a little bit of everything: bras, undies, tops and jeans, shoes and accessories.

  • Thomas Murphy

    I would give the gift card to my girl friend.

  • Courtney C♡

    So much cute stuff, it’s hard to pick! I’d start with the Cold Shoulder Swing Dress and the stud utility jacket. Then I’d pick up some cami’s because I wear them under EVERYTHING.

  • LaWanda Smith

    I love City Chic!

  • Veronica Cid

    I love city chic dresses, my purchase would include dresses, some tops and what ever else catches my attention.

  • Wendy G

    WooWoo it would make my Xmas

  • Andrina G

    I would choose the career dresses like the Lace Peplum Dress.

  • Jeni Lee

    Always looking to try new companies! Would love to try some of their dresses and undergarments

  • Chastiti Penchion

    Dresses and shapers!

  • An Cus

    I know your brand is turning 5, but how are you going to top all these giveaways?

  • Jenny

    Hope I win! I need a new wardrobe!

  • Lean S

    Fifi Cincher is the one I would want.

  • Zadry Ferrer-Geddes

    I would pick out something for myself and the rest I would gift to my little sister.

  • stephanieann

    i’d love the lace swing dress!

  • skylereh

    i’ve been eyeing the pleated maxi dress since i was last in Australia about a year ago and would love to purchase it!

  • FabEllis

    I would love to get a jacket with leather or fur detailings. The Bow Bella Jacket and Princess Coat are fab!

  • klynb

    I need pants.

  • Shay Jay

    Love City Chic! It makes me look and feel fabulous!

  • Siobhan Johnson

    I am a City Chic fan I purchase a black dress from there that I really love and of course one can never have enough bras!

  • Jen Wilder

    I’m gonna get all the matching bra and panty sets and maybe a few hundred pairs of leggings…and then maybe one of their fabu jackets!

  • Tandy Burnam

    NYE dress to dance in!

  • Claire

    i’d love the lace swing dress!

  • Jessica Martin

    The wide stripe dress!

  • Felissa Mata

    Omg!! Underwear that are pretty and not just built for comfort!!!! woot!