Exciting News: MANGO to launch A Plus Size Collection!!!

Yesterday, in WWD, the Spanish label Mango has announced that they will be adding a plus-sized collection to the mix.

“In the longer term, Mango will introduce a new label for plus-size women and another for those aged 14 to 20 years old, the spokeswoman said, adding that the plus-size division could launch in 2014.”

Mango announces its venture into plus sizes in WWD

THIS is exciting… I have long admired the look and aesthetic of Mango and am really excited about this inclusion. While I am cautiously optimistic, this is a great announcement, especially as the brand realizes their goals to “double sales to 4.5 billion euros, or $5.85 billion, by 2019 and roll out 5,200 stores to operate 7,800 units by then.”

I do hope that Mango keeps the same style, essence, and price ranges to keep the sameness of the brand… This means (Mango, I hope you are reading):

  • Fit: Please pay close attention here. Junior plus is not the same as PLUS and there is inconsistent sizing at our other fast fashion options, and since you are more elevated than those two, please give us a bit more attention here. Think contemporary plus- like Monif C or Jibri… And please go up to a size 24.
  • Styling: Give us the same styling and edge your main line has
  • Models: Staying true to the Barcelona roots, why not tap Fluvia or Denise Bidot to WORK this label?
  • Access: Please do not keep this label online only. You have too many doors and resources to push plus sizes to only online. And when you bring it in, please make sure it is merchandised the same and JUST as cool as the rest of the store
  • Campaigns and Advertising: It would be wise to do outreach to the plus community and advertise within the market. There are quite a few bloggers, magazines, communities, and social media platforms that will allow you the chance to kick ass here. Basically get to know us! We already love the style you offer, we just had never had the opp to do so! (I have been in a few times too).

What Does Mango Look Like?

To give you an idea of Mango and its style, I have shared with you the latest look book from May/June and my favorite looks, that I would love to see in plus.

Mango Summer Look book images

How cool is this? Would you shop the Mango Plus Collection? How exciting is this conversation? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it!

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  • Rhonda Alin

    Wonderful! I also like Mango and agree with each of the five bullet points you’ve made! They Definitely need to have clothing available in a brick-n-mortar store to make the shopping experience just that, an experience. And, they definitely need to work with talent who are already experienced with women’s plus sized fashion.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      My pleasure! I am sooo hyped about this.

  • Berry

    I love their looks. I would be happy to have the opportunity to shop there.

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      Right! Exciting indeed.

  • http://www.mycurvesandcurls.com/ Ciaa

    I agree with everything you said in this post. I was hoping they will just extend their current line not create another one. If i get the same as what I see in the lookbook I am all here for it.

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      I KNOW right?? We shall see!!!

  • Taini

    would be great if it carried over to the MNG line at JC Penney as well!!

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      Baby steps first! :D And I do believe this has more to do with JC Penny’s than anything else…

  • Katie Alexis

    There is just too many curvy Latinas out there for them to have stick figures. I hope they talk to consumers and get feedback. Please be better than HM plus lol.

    Katie Alexis

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      :D I hope so too!

  • http://www.divadellecurve.com/ divadellecurve

    great news, hope for the best, I totally sencond your points…

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      :D Thank you ma’am!

  • trishka

    I would totally wear that.

  • http://www.byhayley.com/ Hayley

    Awesome news, used to live in Spain when I was a teen and had loads of Mango stuff, would be awesome to fit in their stuff again!