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Five Wedding Experience Trends for the Modern Plus Size Bride!

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We are back with more plus size bridal tips, resources, and inspiration for you! Are you ready for what we have to share? How about a few trends? With the help of the founders of Floravere, we are sharing a few tips for the modern plus size bride!

Love bucking trends, marching to your own beat, and having a little fun while you celebrate your big day? Well, guess what? You are not alone here! As a plus size bride, we have had to be resourceful in finding our gowns… but not anymore. We can access the trends and innovations, just as any other bride… we still have a way to go, but ohhh it is so much better than before!

So, to help you navigate or know what trends to expect around your wedding, we have Molly Kang & Denise Jin, the Co-Founders of Floravere to help us out! You know the brand who we featured last year, with a cool bridal experience?? Yup… them!

Floravere Modern Plus Size Bridal
Image via Floravere


Let’s dive on into it, shall we?

Five Trends That Are Modernizing the Wedding Experience

Bridesmen & groomsmaids:

Molly Kang & Denise Jin: We’re increasingly seeing couples assemble their bridal parties across gender lines so that each partner can incorporate those closest and most meaningful to them in their party regardless of their gender.

Phone-free ceremonies:

MK & DJ: In an effort to help guests be truly present and engaged, it’s increasingly common and encouraged to ask all guests to turn off – or even physically check (with a “phone check” like a coat check) – their phones at the door.

C._Bronte Floravere Modern Plus Size Bridal
Image via Floravere

Think outside the dress:

MK & DJ: Forget the ‘bridal uniform’ of yesterday, or even a long white dress at all. Brides today are increasingly looking to redefine what a bride looks like – embracing options like bridal pants or even rompers for the big day, or non-white/cross-cultural looks like a red wedding dress.


Convertible looks from Ceremony to Reception:

MK & DJ: There’s nothing like surprising your guests (and groom) with an outfit change for the reception!

To make that transition even more seamless and budget-friendly, brides are loving two-in-one looks (for example, a removable overskirt or removable topper) that go from ceremony to reception without requiring two totally different dresses.

Eco- (and budget!) friendly alternative materials:

MK & DJ: Weddings drive a lot of consumption and waste in materials such as flowers, paper, and disposables. Today, there are new options to reuse materials for your wedding (e.g., companies that help reuse flowers between weddings happening on the same day or weekend).

These are added perks that can be a great hack to save money on big line items.


How Much Fun Are these Wedding Trends?

C._Bronte Floravere Modern Plus Size Bridal
Image via Floravere

Honestly? I am here for an outfit change AND a fly pantsuit option. Definitely can see this in my future! But the Phone Check? Brilliant and I agree with this emerging sentiment… Right?

Also, if you have not had the chance, make sure that you check out what Floravere is up to! Did you know that you can rock a dress from Floravere, since they fashion options available up through a size 26? Oh yes!

Also, Floravere’s direct-to-consumer model allows for accessible prices, while still using the same fabrics and construction as runway brands! Brides try on styles in one of their 9 showrooms across the country, that offer a bespoke experience driven by innovative retail technology!

If you are still looking for that perfect dress, check out the latest at

Can we talk about this? Where are my modern plus size brides? What other trends have you seen, that you’ve made a mental note of, for your big day? Leave a comment below… We want to know!

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  1. It is refreshing that today’s plus-size bride has more options! Even a red dress (referred to, but not shown in the collection). When I was a young groom (twice!) there were no options.

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