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The Vanity Fair Women Who Do Campaign- My Mother is a Woman who DOES

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Women Who Do Inspire Other Women To Do

For me, I have been blessed with some amazingly strong women around me my whole life who are DOING IT. Running the house, business, community, and raising a family. Sometimes with help and sometimes on their own, but one thing I know is that I have been quite fortunate to be surrounded by who constantly challenge the status quo, break barriers, and who do the damned thing.

So, when I was asked to participate in Vanity Fair’s Women Who Do Campaign, I eagerly jumped at this chance and cause because women handling “it” is so close to my heart.


I mean, I would not be running my own business/blog, creating my own, chasing and living dreams had it NOT been for my mother and grandmother. Seriously.

Vanity Fair for women who do campaign Growing up, my mother was a single mother in the NAVY. An African American WOMAN in the navy with rank. She was tough too. Strict and no nonsense. Protective and old school. BUT. She was also independent. Strong. And a bit rough around the edges. An idealist and a realist (the duality of her Gemini ways).

She braved challenges and inequities with grace, never letting my sister and I see her sweat. In some ways, I thought of her as a superwoman.

And I wanted to be my own version of a superwoman…

Vanity Fair for women who do campaign - My mother

I never really understood those challenges until around high school, but my mother made it a point to make sure that my sister and I would “never take no for an answer” and to remember that “there is no such thing as a glass ceiling.” “Never let them see you sweat” was another gem she instilled in me, especially as a woman of color.

Vanity Fair for women who do campaign - My mother I never thought about how those words would translate into my life. Until now. Until my years as a budding blogger, running my own business, and having the courage to live my visions and dreams out. My mother always dropped me a few gems and now?

“Get off the clearance rack” is another one that is at the front of my mind.

Vanity Fair for women who do campaign - My mother Even now, in our mother/daughter relationship, there have been times we butt heads, I am her daughter, but I have to remember this woman who DID.

23 years in the Navy.

A single mother of two girls.

Retired and now in her new career.

A homeowner.

A veteran who gives back to other vets.

A newlywed.

Vanity Fair for women who do campaign - My motherMy mother, Grace Leggette, is one who I HAVE to recognize for the “Women Who Do” Campaign. As Vanity Fair acknowledges women who do, I have to tip my hat to my mother, because had it not have been for my mother who DID, I would not be a woman who DOES.


Who are a few of the women who DO in your life? Your best friend, your sister, your mother? We all have someone who influences us in one way or another and if not, you can always BE that person who does!

As a matter of fact, one of the amazing things about this campaign is the Dress for Success partnership that they have tied to this campaign, also known as the Lift Tour!

“Vanity Fair saw a welcome opportunity to lend its expertise, resources and extensive product offering to help replenish the lingerie of the non-profit organization. Through this partnership, Vanity Fair hopes to provide women with the support they need to be successful.”

Vanity Fair Lingerie- For Women Who Do Campaign

I am here for all of this! And if you want to help, make sure you check out the Lift Tour, as I shared in this past Lift Tour post!

Who do you know? Let us know! If you see another woman doing IT, tell her and lift her up!

About the Women Who Do Campaign
The “Women Who Do” initiative is a powerfully uplifting campaign dedicated to praising and celebrating everyday triumphs of women everywhere while highlighting the brand’s long-standing commitment to producing quality, luxurious lingerie at an affordable price-point. Ultimately, Vanity Fair hopes to spark a movement that inspires women to support each other and live their lives according to what makes them happy.
About Vanity Fair
For 100 years, Vanity Fair® lingerie has been the brand that women look to for undeniable support, lift and a little bit of luxury. Making style and comfort effortless for every woman, Vanity Fair offers feminine and beautiful lingerie available in styles that are trend-right and feature sleek fabrics with clean lines for a smooth look under clothes. With sophisticated color palettes and minimalistic prints, Vanity Fair bras and panties are great for everyday wear.

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*This is a sponsored series post and the thoughts, ideas, and feelings are my own.*

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