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Pucker Up: Lipstick Shades Perfect for Fall

We’ve got you covered with fall fashions, but what about your makeup? Check out our favorite lip colors for this fall you should be adding to your makeup bag!

As a new season makes its presence known, that means the excuse to shop for new fashion and beauty products is very necessary. Fall is here and now that you have your autumn wardrobe together, it’s time to focus on your seasonal beauty essentials—specifically your lipstick.

The fall season is full of primary colors that find their way into makeup as well. Whether you’re in the mood for a bright orange, fiery red or intense gold lip, there are also the dark and dramatic options, such as rich burgundy, chocolate and blue shades.

Lipstick makes a statement and you can convey exactly how you’re feeling by puckering up and applying your favorite shade. Are you in the mood for matte, liquid or glossy lips this season? Do high-end brands do the trick for you or are you a drugstore kinda girl? I’ve rounded up a list of lipsticks that are appropriate for a multitude of occasions this fall, so sit back and enjoy!

Pucker Up: Lipstick Shades Perfect for Fall

These are only some of the amazing colors you can rock this fall! Of course its always up to your personal style. I’m feeling a little daring and may try that Christian Dior Extreme Silver Metal lipstick just to see. At the least I could definitely rock it for Halloween! And all of the nudes?! You can NEVER go wrong with a perfect nude!

So, tell us ladies, what are some of your favorite lipstick shades for fall? Do you prefer to be bold and dramatic or understated and feminine? Or are you all about that matte lipstick life or opt for the traditional lipstick formulas?

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